Vedic Astrology Readings With Sara

It is said that an astrology reading alone will raise consciousness (and of course, consciousness is what truly heals anything). Being a considerate person, to yourself and others, meditating, and then doing your Astrological remedies will take you even further. One of the goals of System’s Approach to Vedic Astrology is to minimize hardships in life and maximize opportunities, both specific to your particular chart.  

The birth chart is a map of your karma. You can learn more about how or why it is so reliable in my classes if you wish to explore further. What you will see in your reading is that timing of events in life, strengths, weaknesses in yourself or your life….they are all in your chart. The reason this is so reliable (not just a horoscope blurb in a magazine) is that Vedic Astrology is a Science. It’s not an abstract healing art. It’s a science, as is Western Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. This means it can be tested time and again to achieve the same results, giving precise and reliable answers. It’s up to you to ask more questions where you have questions, concerns or reasons to search deeper into a topic, time, or area of your life.



PLEASE NOTE: All consultations are being offered as EMAIL FORMAT ONLY for the time being. Email readings are incredibly detailed and a great way to receive this information! 

Other Services

Birth Chart Consultations

A life consultation will include health, career, relationship, and general information about your life. It includes a report of where the planets are today in relation to your natal chart as well as current main period and sub period information. You will also get a full remedial measures report.              

Year Ahead Consultations

A year ahead consultation gives up-to-date information on how the planets are currently operating in your chart (where they are placed and how this will affect you throughout the year) via email. The year ahead consultation can be ordered at any point in time during the year and will cover a full year starting with the day you order the consultation.

Love & Compatibility Consultations

For individuals or couples who want to gain deeper insight into how they operated in relationships (romantic or otherwise). I will look into the strengths and weaknesses in your chart regarding relationships and use the planets to explore your  natural tendencies. This reading helps to illuminate the significance of relationships in your life and how to better them. 

Health Consultations

Use this service for a report on your health, from an astrological perspective. During the health reading I will cover each of the planets and their weaknesses to identify potential past, current, or future health issues. I will also give details regarding what remedial measures are suggested to mitigate current issues or potential issues in the future.

Career & Finance Consultations

The success in various professions and with finances depends on the strength of certain planets in the birth chart. Furthermore, so do the setbacks, obstructions, and difficulties. These can be averted through preventative astrological remedies. An appropriate astrological reading with a competent astrologer along with application of the remedial measures given to strengthen any weak natal planets can be the best gift to oneself in determining and boosting professions that will have the greatest chances of success.

Auspicious Times

A muhurta can be assigned for starting a business, getting married, buying a home, or any other big decision in your life. A muhurta is essentially a chart that is nearly perfect with no afflictions and minimum weakness to planets, signs, and houses.


Locational Astrology

Locational astrology can be used to help identify favorable areas for you to live, work, find love, and generally enjoy life. Continents to pick from include: North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, and South America or choose all 9 for the fun of it! Why not?

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