Pendant Testimonials


“A few weeks after putting on the kavach, the bank approved the refinancing of my home in my personal name. I also received an unexpected windfall from my stepfather’s estate that will bring me $300,000.”
Candace S.

“Wearing the Kavach for just four days has made me feel more protected and cosmic.”
Helen C.

“I put on the Kavach on Monday a.m. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I generated the information in the forwarded email. It will be a book before the summer is over. Thank you for your support and encouragement.”
Patricia C.

“The Kavach is already starting to work. I just received a new job with a base salary of $72,000 plus commissions.”
Nancy B.

“I received a Kavach last August and wore it until recently. Then about three weeks after removing it, all hell broke loose. I separated from my wife, and have been accused of a criminal offense. Can I begin wearing the Kavach again, and if so, when can I put it on?”
Robert P.

“I have had a headache for over a year. The morning I put on the Kavach, I began to feel relief! I think the Kavach gives each person what they need!
Henrietta B.

“I feel like Moses walking through the Red Sea. Although there is still turbulence all around me, I go my way — dry, safe, and unencumbered.”
David H.

“I didn’t take the Kavach seriously until I lost it. Then I had a $3,000 automobile accident and got fired from my job. Now, with the help of the new Kavach, I received an insurance settlement and got my job back.”
Patrick K.

I have had my kavach for about six weeks and am very pleased with the results. There have been breakthroughs in my attitude, and financially things are moving along in a much more positive manner. I even found someone to work with energetically. Thank you for making this remedial available. I will start recommending it to clients.
Linda Callanan

The entire family is enjoying the kavaches!
Monique, Harmon, Gabriel and Joel Van Bergen.

Sarah’s kavach arrived and she put it on at the prescribed time. She loves it, felt a shield immediately, and has found that her dreams have changed- no more nightmares since she has had it on. She also has a job interview today- has not worked for almost a year. It’s a great relief for me too- there is a lightening of the atmosphere of our mother-daughter relationship. This is a blessing.
Donna Cameron

My life is going well. My kavach means a great deal to me – I don’t know how to express it but I just feel better in so many ways. Thank you very much!
Cindy Roush

The kavach is working. There is definitely a very positive movement in my life. For example, a long-standing difficulty with my neighbor just melted.

Thanks so much for the replacement Kavach! You are a messenger of great masters… You’re an angel! Thanks a bunch.
Miranda Brown

I am writing to tell you about the results of the mystical pendant. If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it. My husband and I were separated, because he had another woman in his life. I had no job and my life was miserable. I started to wear the mystical pendant and my life got much better. Suddenly, my husband broke with the other woman and I’ve got a job for four months. I have much more self-confidence and I feel much more at peace.

Gillian has noticed great benefits from the kavach. She has done more performing this year than ever before! With best wishes, Cliff Yates
I have worn the kavach for years and was convinced of its power from day one of wearing it. Best to you my friend.

The kavach has really helped both me and my wife. Thank you for your support with your time and knowledge. Regards,
V.N., Dubai

I am feeling more composed after wearing the kavach. Thanks a lot. Regards,

It has been almost a month since I got the mystical pendent. Today, I started business with a big account that had been on hold for over eight months and got an appointment with another great prospect. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Thanks!
Lisa Griffin.

The kavaches have changed our lives significantly and saved my daughter from major injury or possibly death from a head-on auto accident last year. Blessings! Louisa
I never take my kavach off, and even kept it in my hand when I had (elective) surgery last year. My kavach means so much to me. Regards,
Susan Kaslow

My daughter’s life was really going badly. Well, ever since we got the kavach, her life has gotten a lot better. My other daughter bought a house for her to rent, a much better situation.
Gayle E.

I am amazed at the change in my life since October, when I put on the kavach and the beautiful changes that are continuing. It appears that anything painful is falling away and almost unthinkable dreams are coming to life. Thank you, thank you!
Rebecca Rhyne

My son is happy that he is wearing the kavach for three years. Overall he has performed quite well in his studies and protected his health. Thank you.

I have had some medical tests and all came out good due to prayers and the kavach I am sure.

I have a kavach, but took it off because it wasn’t exactly a fashion statement. Yes, this was a big mistake. Please give me a good time to start wearing it again.

David, I started wearing the kavach on March 11th and to be very honest feel a lot of difference. I got a job last week which is a business opportunity and I am starting on next Monday.
Regards, Ajay

I was having headaches and feeling dizzy yesterday. I came home and realized I didn’t put my kavach on. I put it on and went and only now do I realize that the dizziness went away as soon as I put the kavach on. The best way I can explain it is as soon as I put the kavach on I “forgot” that I was dizzy. Thanks for your excellent skills,
Glen Marchesani

Thanks David, I really have felt a divine blessing from wearing the kavach!
Noah Ouellette.

I received the kavach and put it on while driving to the airport this morning at exactly 8:41 a.m.. Already I can feel the shift. Thank you so much.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that since I have worn the kavach, I definitely feel good and things have surely begun to improve for me.
Regards, Vinay

I am continuing to gain confidence from my Kavach after now five months. Thanks so much,