Life’s Purpose (Dharma) Consultation


At some point in everyone’s life they are faced with the question of: “What is my purpose?”

A person struggling may think they are only living for hardship while a person with easy gains may think they are only living for pleasure, but not making a real difference in the world or on the path of leaving a positive legacy behind. 

We are all born with different fortunes and these fortunes can be seen in our charts through the past karma (deeds). The weaknesses in our chart can show that the journey towards enlightenment can often be strewn with illness, accidents, poverty, and heartache. 

How to reach one’s goal of liberation or how to realize one’s mission in life is a very important topic of discussion whether you already feel successful or not. No one is free from struggle 100% of the time in life. Sooner or later trouble comes to everyone no matter how good looking, wealthy, or healthy they may be at the moment. 

The divine will in store for a person is foreknown in astrology through the position of planets noted from the time of birth of the particular person. The strength, placement, inter-relationship of planets, the operational periods of planets and the continuous impact of current position of planets on the natal position of planets guides us through the course of life including the spiritual evolution and attainments of the mission of life.

You will learn:

  1. Remedial measures to boost the planets in your chart for more support 
  2. How your relationships affect your entire life, so you can improve the planet’s ruling relationships in your chart to help further support your love life, friendships, and your business.
  3. How to harness your natural abilities and gain confidence.
  4. The 12 areas of your chart/life and how to support them 
  5. Your dharma (purpose in life) — Identifying the sweet spot between your passions and your skills.
  6. Ways to start implementing your business ideas