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Interview With Essentially Morgan

See how the energy of the planets affect your life with Vedic Astrologer Sara Hawthorne and quantum energy healer and holistic coach Morgan Sachs of Learn more about quantum energy healing with Morgan at 

Interview With Inner Source Ayurveda

In my latest interview I talk all about the amazing art and science of Systems’ Approach Vedic Astrology and how it can support you in your career, relationships, health & spiritual growth. Some questions I answer: 1) What is Vedic (vey-dik) astrology and how is it different from Western astrology? 2) How does Vedic Astrology fit into modern life? 3) What I have to say to those who do not believe in astrology, or think astrology is not a science?

Interview With Shoutout Miami

Read my interview with Shoutout Miami (part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines). In this interview we discuss the importance of work-life balance and I give a shoutout to my biggest guru – my father David Hawthorne.

Interview With 2 Non Geminis

Listen to my latest podcast interview out of Chicago with the lovely stand up comedians Lucia and Caroline the 2 Non Geminis! In this episode we talk all things Vedic Astrology, relationship, career, health!

Interview With Life, Death & Tarot

Cole is a dual-certified thanatologist and one of  America’s leading experts on death, dying and grief. Astrology, like tarot, is another old tradition that still exists in modern day. How can astrology fit into modern life? In this episode we talk about eastern vs. western astrology, implications for modern life, and how death can show up in your birth chart! We also share how often astrology shows up at end of life….it’s quite often a surprise to a dying person’s loved ones!

Interview With The Venetian Medium

In this episode I’m interviewed by Shirley Smolko, the Venetian Medium. She is a natural Psychic and Medium. In this episode we talk all things Vedic Astrology and try to bite our tongues when it comes to politics.

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Interview With Inner Source Ayurveda