Affordable Conception Counseling


Tailored consultations that will help grow your family and plan for a healthy future together. Dharmic Baby assists those struggling with fertility and conception by using techniques from the Vedas. 

Various Vedic Techniques Used

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Find out the strengths and weaknesses in your chart in reference to the houses and planets pertaining to children and reproductive health

Find out what the transit of the planets says in reference to timing of children

Get the best window of time for egg retrieval and IVF implantation for the most support 

Find out the best colors and gemstones for your chart in order to strengthen the weak planets and offer more support for your reproductive health and for having children

Strengthen all the benefic planets in your chart to offer more support regarding marriage, children, career, and overall health

Ward off affliction of transit planets causing delays and obstructions to fertility and conception or weakness to reproductive health

Ward off afflictions in the natal chart causing delays and obstructions to having children or weaknesses to reproductive health 

Once your baby is born, find out the strengths and weaknesses as well as the proper colors and gemstones for your child in order to support their overall health and development in life

Free Initial Consultation

I will help you select the best package for your specific needs. Ala carte options are also available. Nobody is turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out and I will work within your budget. I strongly believe that fertility and conception support should be available to anyone who desires it.

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I’m Sara Hawthorne

I’m a Systems’ Approach Vedic Astrologer, Consultant, Educator and first time momma based in Sarasota, Florida. I specialize in helping people with career, relationship, and health advice using the stars as our guiding light. My greatest joy is helping others manifest the life they’ve always dreamed of!

Fix your chart. Fix your life. That's my philosophy!

Packages Offered

Additional services may be suggested depending on your unique case. Please reach out for a FREE initial consultation where I will give a quick analysis of what I see in your chart, best plan of action, and estimated cost of services. 

Package One

$ 500
  • Natal Consultation
  • Transit Consultation
  • Color/Gemstone Analysis

Package Two

$ 800
  • Natal Consultation
  • Transit Consultation
  • Color/Gemstone Analysis
  • Mystical Pendant Kavach

Package Three

$ 1500
  • Natal Consultation
  • Transit Consultation
  • Color/Gemstone Analysis
  • Mystical Pendant Kavach
  • Auspicious Timing for IVF Procedures
  • Graha Shanti/Yagya Services
  • Child Horoscope Reading

Ala Carte/Add-On Options

What Clients Are Saying

"Sara is an amazing and insightful jyotishi. She gave me a very full and thorough interpretation of my chart, unlike like any other jyotishi previously. When I read my chart for the first time with Sara, it was a time of great self-discovery for me and I felt affirmed in my life path. Each time I have referred back to this reading, I am reassured and re-grounded in who I am. In addition to being more than satisfied with my initial reading, Sara has continued to provide me with support and guidance through the years."​
"Sara originally read my chart and my son's - the things we learned were amazing! Not only were so many details shockingly accurate, but she even surprised herself with some of the incredible pieces of information we learned surrounding my son's life from the conception on. Even if you only take the readings with a 'grain of salt' or do it just out of curiosity, you'll enjoy it, and will likely learn some very useful information from this exceptional lady."​
"Sara's readings were absolutely spot on to my life. I wasn't a big believer in astrology before I had my first reading but my life reading gave me so much insight into where I had been and where I was going that I absolutely can't deny it's power. Sara's readings helped to unlock a burning purpose I held deep inside and gave me the words to bring it into my reality. Sara is so passionate about what she does and her guidance is so powerful, I highly recommend working with her."​
"If you crave glimpses into the underlying dynamics of your life and soul path, and use those glimpses to create positive shifts in your life (internally and externally), please give yourself the gift of a reading with Sara. The mirror she offered to me in her reading is one I refer back to regularly for insight."
Sara's jyotish proficiency continues to amaze me. To review a seemingly generic overview of my transits and planetary influences, flashes of my current experiences seemed to be interwoven in the content. Finding myself nodding and smiling with recognition, Sara's innate ability to capture the fine and personalized details make you wonder how she would have known! It's clear this is Sara's God-given talent, and everyone should consider investing in her masterfully crafted readings."
"Sara has amazing insight. I felt like she not only read my whole life, but also gave me tools to specifically help my situation. I've sent friends and family to her for consultations and they loved her readings too. It's comforting to know what's going on in my stars!"

Let Me Help You Manifest The Life You've Always Dreamed Of!

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