Learn Astrology

Learn How To Be Your Own Vedic Astrologer

“As per ancient Vedic literature those who learn astrology, those who teach astrology, and those who guide others toward happy lives, attain Moksha.” 

-Professor V.K. Choudhry

What You'll Discover In My Course

  • How to read your natal chart and the charts of your friends and family members
  • The best astrological remedies for each rising sign
  • How to read transit charts so you can prepare for upcoming transits
  • How I started making money doing Astrology and how you can too! 

During the 11 week online course, we will meet once per week on Zoom (if and when this works for your schedule). Each private lesson is 1 hour in length and can be recorded at your request so you can re-review it later on. You can take the course at your own pace (however I do highly suggest meeting once per week to gain the most amount of traction in your studies). There will be a small amount of homework assigned after each class which you must complete before the next session.

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