Career/Finance Report


$100 for a written report

$150 for a pre-recorded video file or Zoom call

Selecting the right profession was always important but it has now become imperative as the job industry continues to evolve. With the advent of new technology and professional fields it’s important that we stay up to date on what industries will thrive and which ones will die. The additional factor of the unique lifestyle of millennials in wanting more entrepreneurial freedom and less 8-5 office jobs has brought about opportunities that are sometimes overwhelming.

Wanting more flexibility in our day to day lives is both exciting and intimidating as we have less security and more risks to take. Every minute of our time in both learning and putting our skills to use is valuable. To make the most of this new entrepreneurial lifestyle it is important that one makes full use of their talents and potential by strengthening one’s weak and unfavorably placed or influenced natal planets to assist in one’s mind, vision, analytical skills, creative power, imagination and leadership qualities.  

The success in various professions and with finances depends on the strength of certain planets in the birth chart. Furthermore, so do the setbacks, obstructions, and difficulties. These can be averted through preventative astrological remedies. An appropriate astrological reading with a competent astrologer along with application of the remedial measures given to strengthen any weak natal planets can be the best gift to oneself in determining and boosting professions that will have the greatest chances of success.