Graha Shanti/Yagya Services

Propitiatory Remedial Measures

Propitiatory astrological remedial measures can be performed for those persons who are under the prolonged and severe transit influence of functional malefic planets over their natal planets or rising sign degree by aspect or conjunction.  These graha-shanti services are based on “Bhoota Yagyam” – one of the 5 great Yagyas mentioned in the Vedic literature and Upanishads. These services include morning prayers and daily charities, such as feeding cows, birds, stray dogs and afflicted persons. The graha-shanti services start at the beginning of any month and run for 30 days at a time. You can order them any time for the following month, but please order them at least 3 days before the month you want to start. There are 12 different sets of graha-shanti services that can be performed (one set for each rising sign) — so if you are not already a client of mine, then please be sure to include your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and exact time of birth in the comments section of the order form.

How Can I Mitigate Past Life Karma?

Those desirous of doing penance for one’s past actions can: 

Do continuous special propitiatory remedies for the afflicting planets 

Wear a Kavach to strengthen benefic planets 

For those desirous of continued happiness and to reduce the chances of mishaps, we organize participation in a special monthly propitiatory service consisting of a yagya, charities for the cows, dogs, crows, poor children and people in distress. This Yagya program performed by Vedic Pandits, is for a group of people and every month. Every month the Yagya program is for seven to ten days for different planetary deities besides the daily yagya.

Combining Services

If we combine the graha shanti service which runs for 30 days ($151) with the monthly Yagya participation ($165) which runs for 7-10 days then that is priced at $300. It is said that life is not a bed of roses. It is true for most human beings. We suddenly find some challenges in life when our life had been going smooth. These sudden developments can be in the form of professional problems, illness, problems in relationships, conflicts, accidents, etc. Inordinate delay in manifestation of various events in life, denials, serious setbacks of health, serious financial setbacks, litigation and persistent problems are caused by exact or very close unfavorable planetary influences caused by Rahu, Ketu or the most malefic planet in one’s birth chart.

Why Get Graha Shanti and/or Yayga?

Serious afflictions are caused by the functional malefic planets and are the results of our past deeds / karma. The impact of severe afflictions manifest as sudden setbacks in life. This incident cannot be fully removed. With the help of special propitiatory remedies the impact of sudden mishaps can be mitigated or the chances of sudden mishaps can be reduced.

What Else Can I do?

You can simultaneously do the remedies for your own chart and can consider going to be early, eating clean, and getting extra meditation sessions during your services. You may feel tired or like a cleansing process is happening for the first couple of days/weeks. This is natural and coincides with the past life karma that is being cleared. If you are unsure what the remedies are for your own chart please email me for your FREE remedial measures report.

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