Sara is a caring astrologer. She’s disciplined, devoted and will work with your chart in a positive manner. Her research is thorough, and she knows how to remain positive while telling it like it is. I was impressed by how deep she managed to go during our first session, and there was always a positive feeling during our interactions. Sara’s approach to astrology is both refreshing, and empowering. Sara is wise beyond her years. Please look no further when considering astrological remedies. She’s a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue learning about the stars from her. I highly recommend Sara for getting clear on all your cosmic curiosities, or have larger issues that seem insurmountable.

-Paul M.


“If you crave glimpses into the underlying dynamics of your life and soul path, and use those glimpses to create positive shifts in your life (internally and externally), please give yourself the gift of a reading with Sara. The mirror she offered to me in her reading is one I refer back to regularly for insight.”

-Ashley A.


Sebastian“I got an astrology reading from Sara during a time I was uncertain about my career options. I have to say it was so helpful the way she clearly explained everything about my chart and gave me month by month insights of how the next couple years would unfold and how I could make the best of it. I highly recommend Sara Hawthorne for any of your needs!”

-Sebastian T.


nena“Sara has amazing insight. I felt like she not only read my whole life, but also gave me tools to specifically help my situation. I’ve sent friends and family to her for consultations and they loved her readings too. It’s comforting to know what’s going on in my stars!”

-Nena B.



sambone“Sara offered me a free reading when she learned about the exceptionally difficult time I had been going through, with the recent loss of my family and the whole redefinition of my life as my therapy began, my life felt as though it was in a tailspin and she reached out to me in my time of need and offered her thorough astrological consultation to me free of charge. She’s the sweetest person, good energy all around. The info was off the charts detailed, you would never think or fathom how such knowledge has not only been ascertained but MASTERED by humanity.”

-Sam B.

vibha“I loved every bit of it and it cleared up a a lot of confusion in many areas of my life”

-Vibha B.


jeff“Sara has an ability to provide insight into the most challenging arenas of life. Her work is a great way to illuminate future difficulties and gain tools to circumvent them. I recommend working with her!”

-Jeff S.

marandah“Sara is an amazing and insightful jyotishi. She gave me a very full and thorough interpretation of my chart, unlike like any other jyotishi previously. When I read my chart for the first time with Sara, it was a time of great self-discovery for me and I felt affirmed in my life path. Each time I have referred back to this reading, I am reassured and re-grounded in who I am. In addition to being more than satisfied with my initial reading, Sara has continued to provide me with support and guidance through the years.”

             -Marandah F.

Kris“This was my first experience with joyotish, and it was surprisingly accurate about my life experiences. Sara made my reading relevant to my day-to-day life as well as helping me plan for my future.”

-Kris J.


Sara’s jyotish proficiency continues to amaze me. To review a seemingly generic overview of my transits and planetary influences, flashes of my current experiences seemed to be interwoven in the content. Finding myself nodding and smiling with recognition, Sara’s innate ability to capture the fine and personalized details make you wonder how she would have known! It’s clear this is Sara’s God-given talent, and everyone should consider investing in her masterfully crafted readings.”

-Kelsey H.

josh“Sara is a true professional.  It shows that she is passionate about her work because of the deep knowledge she has acquired through her experience and education. Sara was well prepared and resourceful upon interpreting my chart.  I have been to another astrologer previously and the experience with Sara was superior to my previous experience.  She helped me get clear with some areas of life that I have been confused about for many years.  I love hearing what astrologers, intuitives, and energy workers have to share about my journey. I highly recommend her!

-Josh W.

“Sara originally read my chart and my son’s – the things we learned were amazing! Not only were so many details shockingly accurate, but she even surprised herself with some of the incredible pieces of information we learned surrounding my son’s life from the conception on. Even if you only take the readings with a ‘grain of salt’ or do it just out of curiosity, you’ll enjoy it, and will likely learn some very useful information from this exceptional lady.”

-Erin S.

“I sought Sara out because I wanted a Jyotish reading specially from a woman. I wanted a woman’s eyes looking at my chart. I had specific questions, which she found specific answers to. I love her approach to “compatibility,” and her insight for the recurring themes happening each month for my chart. Initially, her reading felt like a general overview, in which I’d recommend anyone new to Jyotish to get; but after reviewing it for the 3rd and 4th time, I keep finding little gems of knowledge that I hadn’t heard from other readings.”

-Percilla H.

marissa“Sara recently conducted a thorough Joytish reading for me. She provided detailed insight into my chart both reflective of me as a person and in regard to potential future events. Her appreciation and understanding of the knowledge of Joytish was apparent and I particularly appreciated her balanced perspective on digesting Joytish information.”
-Marissa M.

“Sara’s reading was SO helpful for me. Her unique insight and positive, yet practical perspective really helped me catch glimpses into my soul, illuminating shadows from my past, and reflections of my current experiences. I have been at a crossroads, and Sara’s reading really helped provide a lot of clarity regarding which path to embark on next. I look forward to future readings with Sara and would recommend her to anyone!”
-Alea L.

 Being a person with a background in Vedic Astrology/Jyotish, I have had readings with many renowned astrologers who have been quite accurate.  I can confidently say Sara is in that caliber and is very knowledgeable in vedic astrology.  She has a real talent for it! She told me things I never heard from other practitioners and they made total sense to me.  She has a very calming voice and really cares about the person she reads for.  She was also very generous with her time and made sure all my questions were answered thoroughly.  I will for sure have a reading with her again!   Take advantage of her talents, because I can see that she will become very popular, very soon!!!

-Sunil K.

Sara’s readings were absolutely spot on to my life. I wasn’t a big believer in astrology before I had my first reading but my life reading gave me so much insight into where I had been and where I was going that I absolutely can’t deny it’s power. Sara’s readings helped to unlock a burning purpose I held deep inside and gave me the words to bring it into my reality. Sara is so passionate about what she does and her guidance is so powerful, I highly recommend working with her.

– Jaimie J.

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