2 Readings & Kavach Pendant Package


The majority of my clients wind up purchasing a life consultation, a kavach, and then a yearly transit report.

With the purchase of this package you get 3 amazing tools to help arm yourself in life:

  • 1 hour long Life Consultation Via Zoom
  • 1 Kavach
  • 1 Year Ahead Consultation Via Video File, Written Report, or Zoom (written report is my favorite format for year ahead readings due to the amount of dates in this type of reading).

To read more about each of these services please see the descriptions below.

I highly recommend this package to my NEW CLIENTS who are looking to improve their lives, find validation in who they are, discover their potential, and who want to take a microscope to what’s going on over the next year of their life.



A life consultation will include health, career, relationship, and general information about your life. It includes a report of where the planets are today in relation to your natal chart as well as current main period and sub period information. You will also get a full remedial measures report. 

The silver medallion is called a “kavach”, or protective shield/yantra/amulet. Based on classical/ancient numbers, the kavach strengthens all of the benefic planets in a chart, and reduces the impact of the afflictions caused by the malefic planets. The remedy is both for the birth chart, and for the daily transit chart.

A year ahead consultation gives up-to-date information on how the planets are currently operating in your chart (where they are placed and how this will affect you throughout the year) via email. The year ahead consultation can be ordered at any point in time during the year and will cover a full year starting with the day you order the consultation.