Rahu/Ketu Consultation


During the Rahu/Ketu reading I will cover both the placement and impact of Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart and in the transit chart as well as the specific dates of when they are causing trouble in your chart or are running as your main period and/or sub period operators. I will also give details regarding what remedial measures are suggested to mitigate current Rahu/Ketu issues or potential Rahu/Ketu issues in the future. 

Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets, but rather shadow planets.  They are the two points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. Rahu is called the ascending node of the Moon in the western astrology and Ketu is called the descending node of the Moon in the western astrology.

The close or exact influence of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart is very significant for a person. Rahu and Ketu are generally considered to have unfavorable affects in our charts. They can especially bring challenges during their sub periods or during prolonged transit influence. They make a person vulnerable to anxiety, over-ambitiousness, sudden setbacks, undiagnosed health problems, food poisoning, loss of reputation, allergic disorders, losses through cheating, inflammation in the body, professional setbacks, depression, strains in business relationships, persisting infections, and losses through risky or speculative ventures. They make one vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, problems with black magic/evil spirits, litigation, sudden mishaps and challenges in marital relationships.

They are not all bad though! Rahu can bring energy, drive, ambition, fame, and charisma to a person. It can make a person a bit of a risk taker and on some occasions that person can rise high in the areas of their life where Rahu is placed in the chart.  Someone with Rahu in the tenth house of career may be a risk taken in their career or run a very successful company. Ketu connects the areas of a person’s life where Ketu is placed in the chart with spirituality. For instance someone with Ketu in the eleventh house of income may teach yoga, meditation, or spiritual subjects as their work.  

With Systems’ Approach we can look at the ways Rahu and Ketu operate in a systematic manner to clearly delineate its results in your horoscope.