Perfection in relationships is something we all strive for, but sometimes it’s not as easy as we’d hope. Having information about your birth chart and your significant others’ birth chart is a great way to understand how each other operates and to understand each other on a deeper level.

Using Vedic astrology we can suggest remedial measures for weak planetary combinations and well as for the afflictions of malefic planets. Use of these astrological remedies for impending circumstances can provide relief and strengthen the bond between significant others.

This reading can be done as a Zoom consultation or a written email format reading. Please specific which one you prefer.


Thank you for the very thorough compatibility reading. In some aspects it confirms what we already know, in others it’s been very enlightening. A great insight that has helped us to understand each other better and strengthen our love. -Michael M.
Sara is an extremely gifted Jyotish Vedic Astrologer.  I have been a client of Sara since March 7, 2020 when I received the Year Ahead Consultation and was so impressed with the accuracy of her ability to read my chart that I subsequently ordered the Compatibility reading.  Each reading along with her weekly emails has helped me to plan and prepare for life situations.  Sara is truly amazing and I will continue to consult with her for many years to come as will my entire family.  She is a very special individual and I am fortunate to have been referred to her.  -Susan V.
When starting any relationship it helps to have a more objective voice to help you reason and decide. Sara has been that voice for me and I’ve counted on her counsel when making these important decisions. I would definitely recommend her guidance to really make sure you’re moving forward with the best knowledge possible. -Raj T.
My fiancé and I are very pleased with the reading. She offered very good remedies and provided a concise reading and answered question afterwards. I highly recommend! – Shivana R.