To provide strength to the weak birth (natal) planets, the divine science of astrology recommends use of gemstones as part of jyotish/astral remedies for the favorable planets.

The gems as part of jyotish/astral remedies represent the rays of light particular to different planets. We can use gemstones for raising the power of planets besides wearing them for ornamental purposes.

Gems as part of jyotish/astral remedies can be worn as a pendant or in ring settings. If you prefer a ring, it is best to use the following as a guideline:

Ruby on left ring finger;
Pearl on left little finger;
Red Coral on left/right ring finger;
Emerald on right little finger;
Yellow Sapphire on right index finger;
Diamond on right ring finger;
Blue Sapphire on left middle finger.

The setting of the gemstone ring or pendant should have an open back so that the gemstone touches ones skin or almost touches ones skin. The weight recommended for all premium gemstones is 1 carat or more. Here is a great article regarding size of gemstones.

I only recommend getting gemstones through They are a highly trusted and very reputable company. They are always happy to provide any information to you if you have questions.

AstrologicalGem has gemstones that range from extremely affordable to HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE CAN SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS MY HOUSE COSTS ON A GEM?!?!?!

The great thing is that if you are looking for a Ruby, but can’t afford one they can offer you a less expensive, but still very powerful alternative.

I, myself wear an “Emerald” (a synthetic Emerald), a Yellow Citrine (much more affordable than a Yellow Sapphire), and a Pearl.

Gemstones have a powerful influence in our lives and it is best to get an auspicious time to “install” the gemstone upon purchasing.

Also, certain planets rule different metals so it is best to get a setting that is beneficial for your chart. If you do not know what planets are beneficial to your chart, please contact me for a complimentary gemstone report.

The Sun rules Copper and Gold
The Moon rules Silver
Mars rules Copper
Mercury rules Brass
Jupiter rules Gold
Venus rules Silver and Aluminum
Saturn rules Iron




My favorite astrological remedy is the Kavach which strengthens all the benefic planets at once and is extremely cost effective if a gemstone is not in your price range!

You can read more about the Kavach here: