Monthly Horoscope – 12 months


Get all 12 monthly horoscopes/transits delivered straight to your inbox each month before the first of the month.

1) the monthly horoscope gives up-to-date information on how the planets are currently operating in your chart (where they are placed and how this will affect you throughout the month- this is based on your rising sign and not your exact chart)

2) It can be ordered at any point in time during the month and will cover a full month starting on the first day of the upcoming month. You can obtain the current month’s report by special request – just email me.

3) Know where to focus your attention and energy for greater success each month

4) Know when to “lay low” and do the remedies for your chart

5) Know what remedies are best for your chart and for this particular month

6) This is the cost for the entire year or you can sign up using the link below for recurring $5 charges via PayPal each month.