Sun Transits Virgo 2021 – What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign


In general, Sun in Virgo is good for organizing, focusing on detailed work, clear thinking and understanding. It’s time to stop letting others take advantage of you anymore and put your foot down when it comes to taking on more responsibility than you feel comfortable with in the work place. Setting our expectations too high leading to unhappiness can be a common theme when Sun is in Virgo. Its important that you take some extra time during this month to consider your own needs and desires. 

Read below for more information regarding each rising sign. PLEASE NOTE: In order to know your particular rising sign you need to know your exact time, place, and date of birth. 

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If you subtract 23 degrees from the position of the planets in the Western horoscope (Tropical Zodiac), you arrive at the Vedic astrology horoscope, (Sidereal Zodiac).  Typically, the Sun sign moves backwards by one sign.

Astronomically speaking, the Tropical Zodiac used by Western astrologers is based on the position of the planets more than 2,000 years ago, whereas the Sidereal Zodiac used by Vedic astrologers is based on the position of the planets on the DAY OF YOUR BIRTH.

 In essence, the horoscopes produced by Vedic astrologers are mathematically (and astronomically) accurate and give precise results.

 For Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius rising signs: Strengthen Sun with a ruby, garnet or spinel gemstone, orange and pink clothing or decorations in your home, or with a mystical pendant, known as the Kavach.

For Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces rising signs: Propitiate (honor) Sun by helping men who are like fathers on Sundays. You can do Sunrise Salutation Yoga postures on Sundays. You can also listen to chants for Lord Vishnu on Sundays. It is NOT favorable for you to wear ruby, garnet, spinel gemstones or the colors pink and orange.



ARIES: Sun transits your sixth house. There can be conflicts, debts, and disputes relative to your higher education, children, investments, creative projects, and emotions. Avoid arguments. This placement is not ideal for your digestion and immune system.




TAURUS: Sun transits your fifth house. This is a good placement for your happiness at home, home life, property, vehicles, and fixed assets. Focus on education, investments, and creative projects.




GEMINI: Sun transits your fourth house. You may be feeling bold and courageous. Focus on your business ventures. You have the power to influence others. Work out of your home on your entrepreneurial activities.




CANCER: Sun transits your third house. This is a good placement for social and professional recognition. Focus on your own self efforts and entrepreneurial activities. Collaborate with others and achieve your goals.




LEO: Sun transits your second house. This is a good placement for professional success, wealth, and status. You may be feeling extra talkative and outgoing. Enjoy a bit of authority and take on a leadership role.




VIRGO: Sun transits your first house. When Sun is close to your rising sign degree it can bring you and your partnerships losses, expenses, and separations. Focus on ashrams, spirituality, and long distance ventures.  




LIBRA: Sun transits your twelfth house. This connects your income, friendships, and fulfillment of desires with losses, expenses, and separations. This placement is not ideal for your digestion and immune system.




SCORPIO: Sun transits your eleventh house. This connects your career and professional life with income, gains, friendships, and fulfillment of desires. Ask for a promotion or a raise and take on an authority role.




SAGITTARIUS: Sun transits your tenth house. This placement is good for professional success. There can be good luck, divine grace, and good fortune connected with your career and professional life. Ask for a raise of promotion.



CAPRICORN: Sun transits your ninth house. When Sun is close to your rising sign there can be setbacks and obstructions regarding your spirituality, dharma (work in life), and long distant ventures of short duration. When not afflicting there can be windfalls or easy gains. 



AQUARIUS: Sun transits your eighth house. This connects your partnerships, relationships, joint ventures and marriage with setbacks, delays, vulnerability, and transformations. There can also be windfalls or easy gains connected with relationships.



PISCES: Sun transits your seventh house. When Sun is close to your rising sign there can be conflicts, debts, disputes, and health issues relative to your partnerships, relationships, joint ventures, and marriage. Focus on finances in your relationship.



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