Special Purpose Kavach


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The special purpose kavach is a protecting shield in the form of a silver pendant with the best gemstones for your chart. It is used for strengthening extremely weak and afflicted planets which result in chronic issues in life. The analysis of a birth chart brings to light the weakness and/or afflictions of planets in the birth chart. Such planetary weaknesses and afflictions make the person vulnerable to setbacks in life through mental stress and physical pain.

The special purpose kavach reduces vulnerability to health, relationships, and career issues in life. It can reduce the impact of exact/strong planetary afflictions including those of Rahu, Ketu and the most malefic planet and to enhance the results of the weak planets. It provides the wearer better protection to the natal and transit afflictions. It is a special design for an individual based on his/her planetary positions. The kavach is energized in a rarely available auspiciously elected time and contains the necessary astral quality gemstones for the functional benefic planets for the individual. The weight of the gemstones is around 4.67 carats each. The price of the special purpose kavach includes the topaz grade stones and not the sapphires. 





Kavach orders are typically placed with my professor in India only once a month. Your order will be included in the next shipment of kavaches. Once your order is placed please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your order.

If you’d like to receive your kavach sooner (2-3 weeks) let me know and I’ll send you a link to pay the $50 expediting fee.

The concept was created, tested and popularized by world renown Authors & Astrologers V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary.

The special purpose kavach is also known as Raksha Kavach. It carries with it the spiritual blessings of the provider. The preventive use of the special purpose kavach is very useful. It is to be used with the regular performance of advised special propitiatory remedies.

The special purpose kavach partly draws its power from the powerful planetary position in which it is created and partly from the special propitiatory remedies done for this. The special purpose kavach is certainly not a miraculous or magical object. This is part of faith healing. The seekers of a special purpose kavach should clearly understand that there is no way that the effectiveness can be shown or proved in a scientific manner. It is a matter of faith and has to be dealt with accordingly. No refunds are offered. Though its effectiveness and the amount of help is tremendous and has been witnesses time and time again. The confidence of the kavach providers is based on the feedback of the users. 

The regular wearing of the kavach, the special power kavach, Lakshmi or Ganesha kavach, or special purpose gemstone kavach is likely to give better protecting power to the weak birth planets against natal afflictions. The regular performance of propitiatory astral remedies reduces the magnitude of afflictions, but the impact of transit affliction lasts till the afflicting planet moves 5 degrees away. 

The special purpose kavach is worn in an auspicious elected time. The auspicious time is worked out with reference to the place of stay. The amulet can be worn in a thread or a silver/gold chain around the neck and after one starts wearing it for the first time one should continuously wear it. If it is mandatory to take it off the body, one can do that, but should again wear it as soon as it is possible.

Those who are metal sensitive or have strong aesthetic sense can derive benefits of Kavach by carrying it with them in their wallet or keeping it at the place of worship in the home.