Special Power Kavach


The silver medallion is called a “kavach” or protective shield. The regular and Special power Kavaches in rectangular form are made without any additive and are the purest form of silver.

Based on classical mystical numbers, the KAVACH strengthens all of the benefic planets in a chart, and reduces the impact of the afflictions caused by the malefic planets. The special power kavach as well as the Lakshmi and Ganesha kavaches are best for those with severe afflictions in their charts. Send me an email at sara@planetarysara.com if you’re unsure which kavach is best for you. You can also test this for yourself.  If your life has been easy and everything comes to you on a silver platter – then there is some level of divine grace in your chart that is protecting you – and the regular kavach will be fine for you. But if you feel like you are always swimming against the currents and there is a lot of struggle to achieve anything – then you should consider the special power kavach.

The remedy is both for the birth chart, and for the daily transit chart.

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Kavach orders are typically placed with my professor in India only once a month. Your order will be included in the next shipment of kavaches. Once your order is placed please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your order.

If you’d like to receive your kavach sooner (2-3 weeks) let me know and I’ll send you a link to pay the $50 expediting fee.