Planetary Transits for March 5 – March 11

Notes: The coronavirus may be due to the slow-moving (4-month) transit of Rahu and Ketu and recent 3-month weakness of Saturn, ruling the masses and pandemics.

Rahu and Ketu are now moving more quickly and Saturn is now in its own (favorable) sign, Capricorn, and comes out of the 3-month weakness on March 11th.

This suggests improvement worldwide — except for those countries with transit afflictions in their respective horoscopes.

The SAMVA* charts for China and USA show improvement at the end of March.

* Systemsʻ Approach to Mundane Astrology (

Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits Aquarius, from 20:59 to 27:56°. Sun is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be favorable for leaders, physicians, administrators and governments.
  • Moon is waxing/waning and transits Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and into Libra. The full Moon is in Leo, March 9th.
  • Mars transits Sagittarius from 18:07 to 22:56°. Mars is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be an improvement for the police, the military, executives, athletes, construction, engineering, sporting events, and property matters.
  • Mercury transits Aquarius from 05:24 to 04:17°. Mercury is outside the orb of influence of other planets. Expect improvement with stocks, writing, business, brokering, finances, technology, communications, health and computer viruses. Mercury is retrograde until March 9th.  Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a problem for most people. Aries, Libra and Aquarius rising sign persons, however, should be careful and patient whenever Mercury is close to their rising sign degree or any other planet — in any house — by aspect or conjunction.
  • Jupiter transits its own sign, Sagittarius, from 26:10 to 27:22°. Jupiter is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be favorable for law, religion, education, teaching, consulting and legal matters.
  • Venus transits Aries, from 05:59 to 13:31°. Venus is under the 5th aspect of Ketu until . This connects women, law, medicine and the fine, healing and performing arts with spirituality. Exercise patience with these and watch for news about a well-known woman.
  • Saturn transits Capricorn, from 04:26 to 05:03°. Saturn is in its own (favorable) sign, Capricorn, and comes out of its 3-month weakness on March 11th. This suggests some improvement for the masses, immigrants, the elderly, the poor and needy, and working-class persons. Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius rising sign persons, companies and countries, however, should exercise care and patience for the next 26 months, as Saturn is transiting their 8th, 6th, and 12th (inauspicious) houses, respectively.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, from 11:39 to 10:45°. This represents stress for persons, companies and countries with planets in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius) between 9 and 12 degrees – or for anyone — whenever Rahu or Ketu are within 5 degrees of his or her rising sign degree (in any house), or any planet (by aspect or conjunction).

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”)

  • Aries: Expect good fortune. Connect with father and religious figures. There may be a long-distance journey. Gain from authority figures and large organizations, but be vigilant to manage debts and disputes against income and friendships. Relationships are forefront. Buy new clothes and get a haircut.
  • Taurus:  Expect good fortune at work. Take a leadership position and connect with authority figures and large organizations. Be patient with losses and expenses relative to debts, disputes, foreign lands, institutional life, health and legal issues. Focus on business, technology and communications.
  • Gemini: Expect a mixture of good fortune or setbacks with entrepreneurial ventures, property, vehicles and home life. Connect with father and authority figures. Gain from children, education, investments, women, luxuries, entertainment and the fine, healing or performing arts. Joint ventures should do well.
  • Cancer: Be vigilant at work to manage debts, disputes, health or legal issues. Redecorate your workspace and buy new work clothes and/or a company car. Connect with women and the fine, healing or performing arts. Focus on research and knowledge. Expect a lift after mid-March.
  • Leo: Focus on marriage, partnerships and joint ventures and be patient with debts, disputes or health issues through mid-March. Expect good fortune with entrepreneurial ventures connected with children, education and investments – including property matters. Get spiritual advice from a woman.
  • Virgo:  Get rest, use patience and avoid mental stress. Be vigilant with debts, disputes, health or legal issues. Expenses, separations, insomnia or difficulties abroad are likely. A windfall is possible relative to property or family life. Children, education, investments and service to others are on your mind.
  • Libra: Focus on partnerships connected with property and entrepreneurial ventures. Expect a mixture of gains, income and friendships, along with expenses and separations connected with children, education, investments and foreign lands. Count on support for property matters over the next 2 years.
  • Scorpio: Work on your home and out of your home on business, communications and independent projects. Expect gains, income, and friendships connected with property. Be patient with insomnia, intimacy, expenses, separations and foreign lands; these are subject to debts, disputes, health or legal issues.
  • Sagittarius: Expect good fortune with entrepreneurial ventures. Focus on writing, business, finance, technology, and communications. There may be gains, income and friendships with children, education and investments. Be direct, make decisions and consider property matters.
  • Capricorn: Work on your home and out of your home. Redecorate and consider a new car. There may be both good fortune and setbacks with your status and family life. Focus on business, technology and communications. Be patient with expenses and separations with property, vehicles and family life.
  • Aquarius: Expect gains, income, friendships and good fortune connected with independent projects. Take a leadership position, but be patient with setbacks and to avoid accidents through April 6th. Teach, publish, and advise. Consider ashrams, relocation and foreign lands over the next 26 months.
  • Pisces: Take care with debts, disputes, health and legal issues, and authority figures. Be patient with joint ventures through April 6th. These are vulnerable to expenses and separations. A windfall is possible. Focus on the fine, healing or performing arts. Your best bet is with your career. Teach, publish and advise.

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