Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full “Buck” Moon is in the sign of Capricorn July 23rd, 2021 at 10:37 PM Eastern Time 


This Full Moon in Capricorn can make you feel extra dutiful, ambitious, and hardworking. Take time for your spiritual practice and meditate on the themes of flexibility, adaptability, dependability, and level-headedness. Ground yourself and lean into new responsibilities. How can you get more organized and supercharge your life in the areas that will be most supported for your chart?


Read for your Vedic Astrology Rising sign. If you do not know your Vedic Astrology rising sign please send sara@planetarysara.com an email.


For the Aries rising signs the focus should be on responsibilities in the workplace, career, and in your professional life. It may be time to take on a new position that could bring you more status. 


For the Taurus rising signs the focus should be on your fortune, dharma (work in life), and spirituality. The Full Moon is in your ninth house which is all about spiritual pursuits, meditation, and your happiness. 


For the Gemini rising signs the focus should be on transforming old ways of thinking. Listen to your intuition and expect some psychic flashes coming your way even! How can you be more receptive to the messages around you?


For the Cancer rising signs the focus should be on partnerships, relationships, joint ventures and marriage. This is the perfect placement to expect more expansiveness, passion, and pleasurable emotions and experiences to come through. 


For the Leo rising signs the focus should be on your health (both mental and physical) and your finances. Make amends with someone you’ve had a misunderstanding with and take time to move towards lowering stress levels in your life. 


For the Virgo rising signs the focus should be on education, children, investments, and creative projects. Your emotions are at the forefront during this full Moon. Put your intellect and mental talents to use on some new projects. 


For the Libra rising signs the focus should be on home life, parents, property, vehicles and fixed assets. Dive deep into what would bring you more happiness in your home life and connect your homelife with spirituality. 


For the Scorpio rising signs the focus should be on entrepreneurial activities, independent projects, and your own self efforts and initiatives. Your profession may be at the forefront and you should be feeling extra courageous. Take on a leadership role. 


For the Sagittarius rising signs the focus should be on your wealth, status, and continuation of family life. What would nourish you and your family more? What needs are not being met here? Is there a change needing to be made around your livelihood?


For the Capricorn rising signs the focus should be on yourself, your health, and your enterprises. Practice some deep guided meditations to bring you back to your innate nature without all the clutter of the external world. This will bring more fulfillment of desires. 


For the Aquarius rising signs the focus should be on foreign lands, ashrams,  spiritual journeys, sleep, and intimacy. How can you transcend the obstacles in your life? Get extra rest and practice being more receptive to intimacy in your relationships. 


For the Pisces rising signs the focus should be on income, gains, friendships, and fulfillment of desires. Spend more time ruminating on your hopes, aspirations, and what will bring you more fulfillment overall in your life.