5 Ideas To Grow Your Spiritual Business

Imagine a life where you work for yourself. You get to set your own schedule and make your own rules all while helping people and knowing you’re having a real impact on people’s lives. This is what living your dharma is all about. Peace of mind and purpose in life. 

Now, I won’t lie to you. Astrology is not my full time job. I still go to work Monday-Friday to get that steady paycheck, but I’ve been steadily growing my business for the last few years and enjoying every bit of the supplementary income that is helping to create financial abundance in my life. 

We all want our businesses to thrive with integrity and as organically as possible, but It’s often times overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. Below are some easy steps you can follow to help clear the confusion and take your business to the next level. 




1) Keep advertising to your friends and family and everyone you meet on the street and on facebook/instagram as much as possible. Don’t worry about bothering people. Every time I send out my newsletter or a facebook post I get at least one paid consultation so I don’t worry about bugging people. 


2) Look up conferences in your area or ones close enough that you can travel to. Mind, body, spirit conventions, local spiritual meetups at bookstores, coffee shops, churches, convention centers and even if it costs a bit of money to set up a booth, get out there and make connections. Or just go without a booth and pass out your cards to people (that is until you get caught, haha)! 


3) Email like minded podcast hosts, set up a talk at your local coffee shop, yoga center, or library. 


4) Are there any esoteric shops/bookstores in your area that do astrology or tarot and are looking for new readers? Contact them via email with your bio or go in and introduce yourself.


5) In my opinion, too many people are doing too many things. Don’t do tarot, reiki, yoga, life coaching, and astrology. Pick one, become a master at it, and have faith this will bring you peace of mind, purpose in life, and financial abundance. 



Sara Hawthorne is a Systems’ Approach Vedic Astrologer, Consultant, and Educator. She specializes in helping people with career, relationship, and health advice. Subscribe to Planetary Sara’s weekly newsletter HERE. Check out her Facebook Page HERE and Instagram Page HERE. All her services including life readings, yearly transit reports, and compatibility readings can be found HERE.