Planetary Transits for February 21 – February 27

If you don’t know your Vedic Astrology Rising sign please email me and I’ll assist you. 
Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits Aquarius, from 08:11 to 15:13°. This connects the government with imaginative, unconventional and humanitarian efforts, along with oil, gas, minerals, manufacturing, agriculture, immigration and the elderly and the poor and needy. Sun is in good strength and is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be favorable for leaders, physicians, administrators, and governments.
  • Moon is waning and transits Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Moon, in Scorpio, is debilitated Feb. 25 – 26. Watch your emotional state and be vigilant in crowds and around volatile persons.
  • Mars transits Aries from 10:28 to 15:10°. This connects fire with property and puts a focus on the military, police, athletes, martial arts, mathematics and engineering. Mars is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This is favorable for 10 of the 12 rising signs. Taurus and Virgo rising sign persons, companies and countries should exercise care and patience.
  • Mercury transits out of Aquarius and into its debilitation sign, Pisces, on Feb. 24th at 10:23 p.m. CST. Mercury is weak in its debilitation until March 15. Be careful with stocks, finance, business, computers, technology and communications.
  • Jupiter transits Scorpio, from 26:46 to 27:39°.  Jupiter is weak in old age degrees, but remains outside the orb of influence of other planets. This remains favorable for law, publishing, teaching, education, advisory roles and religious organizations. (This brings to light hidden issues involving the rule of law.)
  • Venus transits out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, Feb. 24th at 12:15 a.m. CST.  Venus is closely conjunct Ketu, under the 7th aspect of Rahu, Feb. 22 – March 2. Take care of the women in your life and be careful with medicine, romance, luxuries, transportation and the fine, healing and performing arts.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 22:55 to 23:33°. This connects law, religion and education with the elderly, the poor and needy, immigrants, and working-class persons.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Cancer and Capricorn, respectively, from 02:10 — 01:52°. Those persons with 0 to 3° rising signs or with any planets in the 0 to 3°range in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces —including the USA) should be careful and patient.

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”):

  • Aries: Focus on yourself, decisions, exercise and property. There may be gains from authority figures — but be patient to manage debts and disputes over income and with friendships. Relationships are connected with setbacks, sudden issues and spirituality. Manage health, finances and legal paperwork through mid-March.
  • Taurus:  Connect home life with your career. Take a leadership position at work. Ask for a raise or promotion. Focus on writing, business, technology and communications. Be vigilant with your health, finances, and legal issues; these are vulnerable to setbacks or sudden issues. Expect success with long-distance ventures.
  • Gemini: Take care of your children, education and investments; these are vulnerable to sudden issues. Enjoy income and friendships through mid-March. Expect good fortune with independent projects – but remain vigilant; there are challenges relative to debts, disputes, relationships and legal issues through Oct.
  • Cancer:  Be vigilant with property, vehicles and home life. These are vulnerable to setbacks and sudden issues. Focus on research, language and ancient knowledge. Expect improvement with your own initiatives next week. Your best bet is with your professional life– take action and make through mid-March.
  • Leo: Focus on partnerships, joint ventures and long-distance places. These are favorably connected with your children, education, investments, property, vehicles and home life. On the other hand, be vigilant with communications and your own initiatives; there may be setbacks or sudden issues. Good fortune, however, is on your side through mid-March.
  • Virgo:  Be patient for a few more days and then shift your attention to partnerships and joint ventures. Take care of the women in your life and be vigilant to manage setbacks or sudden issues. Expenses, insomnia, or separations are possible. There may be a windfall and/or buy lottery tickets through mid-March.
  • Libra: Focus on communications and independent projects – but be vigilant to manage setbacks and sudden issues with your health, reputation and appearance. Focus on spirituality. Expect gains with your children, education and investments. Enjoy relationships, partnerships, joint ventures and life abroad through mid-March.
  • Scorpio: Be vigilant to manage expenses, insomnia, intimacy, separations and long-distance ventures. Focus on property, vehicles and home life. Work out of your home on writing, business, and technology. There is some protection for your health, finances, and legal issues through mid-March.
  • Sagittarius: Focus on your appearance and the fine, healing and performing arts. Be vigilant with women, income, and friendships; these are vulnerable to setbacks and sudden issues. Expect good fortune with entrepreneurial ventures. There should also be protection for your children, education and investments through mid-March.
  • Capricorn: Connect your career with retreats, ashrams, and long-distance ventures – but be vigilant to manage setbacks, expenses, separations, and sudden issues. Speak up as an authority figures, but be patient with your status and family life – these are vulnerable to transformations. Focus on property, vehicles and home life.
  • Aquarius: Be vigilant this week with women, travel or long-distance ventures. These are vulnerable to setbacks and sudden issues. Take a leadership position and focus on partnerships and joint ventures through mid-March. Expect success with communications and entrepreneurial ventures through mid-March.
  • Pisces: Be patient for a few more days and then expect a lift with relationships. Be vigilant to manage setbacks and to avoid accidents connected with income and friendships. Watch your health, finances, and legal paperwork. Your wealth, status, property and family life should do well through mid-March.

About the Author: David Hawthorne