Planetary Transits for December 17– December 23

Chart of the week:

Pablo Picasso (Oct. 25, 1881, 11:15 p.m., Malaga, Spain) had the Cancer rising sign with Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio. Venus in the 3rd house gave artistic
self-expression and entrepreneurial ventures. Sun in the 4th house gave royal homes. Mercury in the 5th house gave independent education. Moon in the 5th house gave children, investments, and creative projects. Rahu in the 5th house gave restless, ambitious and voracious mind. Saturn in the 10th
house gave professional windfalls and maturity. Jupiter in the 11th house gave income from publishing (painting). Ketu in the 11th house gave friendships in spiritual circles. Mars in the 12th house gave international career and professional travels. The debilitation of the Moon, Sun, and Venus, the rulers of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th houses, however, disturbed his peace of mind and gave serious issues with home and family life, due to divorces, scandals and mistresses.

 Transits for each “Rising sign” (not “Sun sign”):
Aries: Spend one more week managing your health, finances, legal issues and conflicts. Expect relief next week. Your best bet is marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and international ventures; these should do well. Enjoy good fortune with your children, education and investments through mid-Jan.  Be patient with income and friendships through 2016.
 Taurus: Your health, finances and legal issues should be fine. For some of you, there may be an inheritance or windfall relative to parents, property, vehicles or fixed assets. These, however, may also be vulnerable and go through transformations until mid-Jan. Take care of your children and investments. Your best bet is partnerships through 2016.
Gemini: Expect improvement with health and independent projects through mid-Jan. Consider joint ventures. Your mind is creative; focus on education and the fine, healing or performing arts. Things go well with your children and investments. Connect parents, property, vehicles and home life with partnerships. Be patient with income/friendships.
Cancer: Continue to connect your career with independent projects and executive decisions. Be vigilant, however, before speaking to avoid disputes. Focus on law, medicine, finance, alternative health care, psychology and social work through mid-Jan. Spend another week on beautifying your living quarters. Enjoy the arts, music and romance.
Leo:  Shift your attention to your children, education, investments and creative projects. Consider gold and government bonds. Think big. Study large, medical, government or spiritual organizations. Enjoy success with communications and your own initiatives and independent projects. Consider property partnerships through 2016.
Virgo: Focus on your parents, property, vehicles and home life. Work out of your home on writing and business. Add royal touches to your living quarters. There may be a long distance journey, relocation, or property expenses. Enjoy another week of progress with your wealth, status and family life. Be careful for a few more days to avoid accidents.
Libra: Enjoy another week of creativity. Buy new clothes, get your hair cut and/or go to a day spa. Focus on women, luxuries, and the fine, healing or performing arts. There may be both gains and losses with your own initiatives. Be patient for one more week with expenses and separations in relationships. Expect a lift in family status during 2016.
Scorpio: Expect status with your career through mid-Jan. Speak up as an authority figure. There may be gains from writing, business and communications. Long distance ventures do well for another week. Recent debts, disputes, or health issues with income, friendships, and older siblings dissipate. Happiness and maturity are with you during 2016.
Sagittarius: Spend another week on writing, business and communications. Expect good fortune through mid-Jan. Focus on long distance ventures and spiritual journeys. Take a leadership position and make decisions. Enjoy gains from women, creativity, luxuries, and the fine, healing or performing arts. Avoid entrepreneurial investments during 2016.
Capricorn: Spend another week on your career. Redecorate your workspace and focus on art, music, design and creativity. Be patient with expenses against property, vehicles and home life. Be vigilant with marriage and windfalls to manage expenses and separations through mid-Jan. Expect gains with your status and family life through 2016.
Aquarius: Expect income, windfalls, and friendships associated with marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and international projects. You can also gain from large, medical, government or spiritual organizations. Be patient for another week with delays/setbacks with your own initiatives. Focus on your career and professional life through 2016.  
Pisces: Connect writing, communications, marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and international projects with your career. Take a leadership position and work with large, medical, government or spiritual organizations through mid-Jan.  Be vigilant, however, to avoid debts and disputes with same. Consider long distance travel/ventures during 2016.