Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters Pisces on April 13th, 2022 after moving back and forth and in and out of debilitation while remaining weak for quite some time. It will remain in the sign of Pisces until April 21st, 2023. 


It moves swiftly and gallops out of infant stage when it enters Pisces, in just three weeks and in an approximately similar fashion moves out of Pisces towards the end of April 2023. So, it’s a matter of relief that it remains quite strong for most of the year 2022 and becomes weak for the following brief spells in the year 2023.

A. When it gets debilitated in Navamsa (D-9), that is from March 11th, 2023 to March 25th, 2023 (brief period);

B. When it suffers from combustion, that is from March 28th, 2023 up to April 26th, 2023;

C. As it is transiting in a non moolatrikona sign it doesn’t become weak because of weakness of any other planet (dispositor weakness).


Jupiter becomes stationary for a considerable period of time on two occasions in the sign of Pisces, as per the following schedule:-

1.  July 11th, 2022 to August 16th, 2022 around 14 degrees 30 minutes and;

2.  November 9th, 2022 up to December 8th, 2022 around 4 degrees 30 minutes.

Ascendant wise Impact

Readers can find about the strengthening of Jupiter, in rising signs where it is a functional benefic planet, and the propitiatory remedies where it is a functional malefic planet (Taurus, Cancer & Capricorn) on our website:


While it travels through the sign Pisces, its general impact for various ascending signs would be as given hereunder:-


For Arians the transit of Jupiter in the sign Pisces brings it into their twelfth house. It connects the significations of the ninth and twelfth houses. It means more travel to distant places, spiritual travel or pilgrimages, increase in expenses which are sometime unplanned as well. It necessitates extra care for the health of parents, especially one’s father. Those planning to relocate may find this transit helpful. Though in some cases the move may be necessitated with a view towards earnings. It’s good for those pursuing businesses related to export/import. Aries may open their offices in foreign lands. The strengthening of Jupiter helps in increasing its positive manifestations.


For Taureans Jupiter travels through their eleventh house during its stay in the sign of Pisces. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal chart, is unafflicting and the ascendant is away from 4 or 14 degrees, it will bless the native’s father/husband with financial gains and easy gains. When afflicting it gives anxieties and mental stress. It also delays/obstructs your efforts; there may be fluctuations in the sources of income, trouble to children, younger siblings, partnership ventures and regarding the health of spouse. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended for lessening the negative manifestations.


Luckily for Gemini rising natives Jupiter’s travel through the sign Pisces brings it to their Kendra in the house of profession. It strongly indicates recognition, promotion, increased travel for work, expansion in business, acquisition of assets, developing new properties for residence and a positive and pious thought process. This transit also indicates elevation for those working in the field of law, finance, the judiciary and imparting knowledge. It makes one generous and one is quite liberal in supporting a good cause. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal chart it also signifies positive results for those staying in a foreign lands. This transit also helps in expediting marriage. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended to make the most of this auspicious transit.


For Cancerians Jupiter’s moolatrikona sign falls in their sixth house and it becomes a functional malefic planet for them. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal chart, is unafflicting and the ascendant is away from 4 or 14 degrees, it indicates better management of health and financial position. In cases where it is causing affliction in the natal or transit chart it brings impatience, litigations, health problems, conflicts in your initiatives and an ambivalent relationship with father. The lack of patience can cause conflicts and injuries. Ladies, especially those in the family way, need to propitiate Jupiter on a regular basis for a trouble free childbirth. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended to reduce its negative significations.


Jupiter’s transit in Pisces does not auger well for Leo born natives as it falls in their eighth house, ruling obstructions. It makes them quite sensitive and possessive by nature which causes them to suffer on the emotional front. It also signifies disappointment and problems in matters of higher education, birth of children and indicates feelings of depression. This transit doesn’t speak well for liver and diabetes patients. Speculative investments should be avoided and parents should focus on their children. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended.


Jupiter is the most benefic planet for Virgo rising natives and its transit in their seventh house is quite a relief. When unafflicted and fairly strong it indicates positive results, enhances general happiness with additions to assets, admission to professional courses (facilitates study abroad) and a strong family support system. When weak or afflicted due to triple transit influence it indicates stress on domestic peace, conflicts in family and problems in property matters. It is particularly helpful for those planning to relocate or visit foreign lands. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended to harness its full potential.


For Librans though Jupiter is their most benefic planet its transit through their sixth house creates some inconvenience. It connects their initiatives and efforts with conflicts and delays; they need to watch their actions and be cautious in their approach. When it is weak/afflicted in the natal chart as well, its transit in the sixth house indicates litigations in business ventures, problems to siblings and difficulties in higher education. You should not be judgmental but be accommodative in your relationships. Also, this transit doesn’t speak well for chronic patients. Strengthening of Jupiter is imperative.


Jupiter rules their second house and primarily signifies status, speech and accumulated wealth for Scorpio rising natives. Its transit in the sign of Pisces brings its benefic influence to their fifth house and promotes professional education & status in general, gains from investments and benefits their family. It especially benefits those engaged in public speaking as it brings their knowledge to prominence. Where it is weak or afflicted in the natal chart, it should be strengthened for harvesting better results.


For Sagittarians Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant and primarily rules health, professional success and recognition. Its transit in Pisces connects Jupiter to their fourth house. It blesses them with good health, professional success, expansion in business and additions to immovable assets. Those waiting for a marital alliance also benefit from this transit placement. When it is simultaneously weak/afflicted in the natal chart one faces challenges in career, health and family prosperity. If natal Jupiter is weak, strengthening the same is very important to benefit from this auspicious transit.


Jupiter, being lord of the 12th house, is a functional malefic planet for Capricorn rising sign natives. Where it is strong and unafflicting in the natal chart and the ascendant is away from 4 or 14 degrees, it indicates some happiness to those who are settled in foreign lands or engaged in exports business. When afflicting it causes stress in relationships, losses in partnerships/business, unplanned expenses and set backs in investments. When afflicting the Most Effective Point; brothers, friends, spouse and parents of the person may find themselves in difficult situations. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended and one should not venture into any new business during its stay in Pisces.


For Aquarians the Dhankaraka (significator of wealth) Jupiter assumes a special role as it rules their house of income and gains. Its placement in the second house contributes to a rise in professional status, they are able to save more, their social circle widens and they become popular among friends. This transit in Pisces strongly indicates financial growth and some of you are able to develop new streams of income. Those having a weak natal Jupiter should strengthen it to harness positive results.


For Pisceans Jupiter is the prime determinant of professional matters and it transits their ascendant. Where Jupiter is strong/well placed in the natal chart it increases the chances of promotion/recognition in one’s job. Its stay in Pisces increases their activity level, connects them with philanthropy and improves their social presence. Those having their MEPs close to either 4 or 14 degrees especially benefit in the area of timing of marriage, addition to family and stability in their lives. Strengthening of weak natal Jupiter is recommended to make this transit movement more productive.


The impacts are enhanced for those who have strengthened their weak functional benefic planets including Jupiter and afflictions are reduced considerably for those who continuously propitiate the functional malefic planets.

Written by K. Rajesh Chaudhary