Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.46.47 PMWHEN THE PLANETS ARE OPERATING IN YOUR LIFE:
Transits refer to the planetary positions at any given time after the date of birth. Transiting planets are studied with reference to the natal chart ascendant, in relation to the original position of the planets in the natal chart, and not with reference to the natal Moon sign.
Significant events are triggered by the transit of planets over the natal planetary positions. Whenever a functional malefic planet transits a weak natal position, it triggers an undesirable incident concerning the planet and the house involved. This is more so when the weak natal planet is also weak in transit. Any house whose lord is weak is treated as a weak position. The afflicted planets and houses are those planets and houses with which the functional malefic planets form exact or close conjunctions and aspects.
The result of a particular house will be influenced by a transiting planet when it is near to its Most Effective Point, depending upon its functional nature whether benefic or malefic. The impact of transit functional malefics is on both functional malefics and benefics. The subjects governed by the planets are their general and particular significations. The significations of a functional benefic planet are harmed when it transits the natal position or close aspect of a functional malefic planet.
Whenever planets in transit form conjunctions amongst themselves, the events occur depending upon their functional nature in connection with the house with reference to a particular ascendant. Whenever the functional benefic planets transit auspicious natal positions, they trigger happy incidents. During the main periods of the functional benefic planets, benefic transit effects are more pronounced, while malefic transit effects are mild. Similarly, during the main periods of functional malefics, the benefic transit effects are mild while the malefic transit effects are more severe.
The sub period lord sets the trends. However, transit effects can supersede the trend results of the sub period lord and create significant events. The malefic effects of slow moving functional malefic planets, i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, are more pronounced when during the course of their close conjunctions or aspects, they become stationary, or move more slowly as compared to their normal speed.
In essence, the sub period planet sets the trend as per its mooltrikona sign lordship, house placement, and other influences on it in the natal chart. The transit planets then cause influence whenever they come into contact with the sub period planet’s natal or transit position. Whenever the transit planets – both the functional benefic planets and the functional malefic planets – transit over the natal functional malefic planets, then the significations ruled by the transiting planets suffer badly. Whenever a transiting functional malefic planet transits the Most Effective Point, it affects the house in which it is located and all the houses which it aspects.