Sun in Leo

Every year from the middle of August to the middle of September Sun transits its own sign and mooltrikona sign of Leo.

A planet in its own sign is treated as strong, and is capable of generating excellent results, provided it is not in the state of infancy, old age or debilitated in the navamsa (divisional chart).

Aries: Sun transits your fifth house in the sign of Leo. You may be feeling competitive regarding your higher education, investments, and creative projects. This is a good placement for happiness from children and your emotions. Spend some time in nature and consider taking on a management role in your career. 


Taurus: Sun transits your fourth house. This position is good for your parents, wealth and luxuries, studying, and family life. Focus on your home life, property, vehicles, and fixed assets. 


Gemini: Sun transits your third house. You may be feeling bold and courageous when it comes to your entrepreneurial activities and independent projects. Multitask and get stuff done! Enjoy a leadership role and expect success. 


Cancer: Sun transits your second house in its own sign and mooltrikona sign of Leo. Enjoy good social status, speak with power and conviction, take on a leadership role. Expect a lift with your wealth, status, speech, and family life. 


Leo: Sun transits your first house. Enjoy professional success and social recognition. People will follow you in what you’re doing this month. Speak with power and conviction. Take on a leadership role. There may be benefits from the government or authority figures. 


Virgo: Sun transits your twelfth house. You may travel to a foreign land. It would be a good time to go on a spiritual retreat. There is focus on ashrams, spiritual journeys, and enlightenment. 


Libra: Sun transits your eleventh house. Expect gains and fulfillment of desires without much effort. Investments should also be good. Get out and about, hang out with friends, and meet new people. 


Scorpio: Sun transits your tenth house in its own sign and mooltrikona sign of Leo. Expect success in your career. Ask for a raise or take on a leadership position in your workplace. 


Sagittarius: Sun transits your ninth house. This is a good placement for wealth, good luck, divine grace, and good fortune. The focus is on religion/spirituality, father, and long distance journeys of short duration.  


Capricorn: Sun transits your eighth house. This is a good placement for windfalls, easy gains, inheritance, and the marital bond. The focus is on deep research, language, mystical and occult knowledge and ancient knowledge.  


Aquarius: Sun transits your seventh house. Focus on your partnerships, relationships, joint ventures, and marriage. Get out and about, network, and meet new people.


Pisces: Sun transits your sixth house. The focus is on your health and finances. There can be courage, financial strength, and endurance as well as support from the government and authority figures.