Saturn transits Sagittarius

The planet Saturn is transiting the sign of Sagittarius until January 24th, 2020. 
Saturn will influence the persons born in various ascendants with varying degrees of influence depending upon its natal strength while transiting in Sagittarius as under:

  1. ARIES – The incidence of obstructions ceases to exist. New rewarding opportunities are likely. Additional income is likely. Some amount of conflicts are likely to continue up to September 2018. You are likely to enhance your knowledge.
  2. TAURUS – It indicates the incidence of obstructions, mishaps, emotional problems, stress to children and professional setbacks.
  3. GEMINI – It indicates better health, involvement in spiritual activities, better life and visits to places of interest.
  4. CANCER – It indicates the prolonged health concerns, vulnerability to accidents, disputes in inheritance matters, disputes in relationships, health problems for parents/husband, setbacks in business ventures and stress leading to problems with sleep patterns.
  5. LEO – It turns you emotional, brings proposals for marriage, good for students, additional income, promotions for those who are appearing in selections provided the natal Saturn is fairly strong.
  6. VIRGO – It indicates the incidence of conflicts, health concerns, professional problems, lack of patience and losses due to cheating.
  7. LIBRA – It indicates new business ventures, good for students, good for creative persons, involvement in spiritual pursuits and ventures in foreign lands.
  8. SCORPIO – It indicates financial gains, acquisition of new assets, growth in the family business, additional income and promotions for those who have a strong Saturn in their natal chart.
  9. SAGITTARIUS – It gives more energy for new ventures, additional income, professional growth, a helping hand to children, participation in spiritual activities and better social recognition.
  10. CAPRICORN – It indicates searching for opportunities in distant lands, vulnerability to loss of status, health concerns, concerns for children and setbacks in business ventures.
  11. AQUARIUS – It gives chances of additional financial gains through professional growth, better health, and is good for children while some delays are also likely.
  12. PISCES – It indicates professional problems and losses in business, loss of assets and problems in relationships.

The prolonged stressful impact is likely for those born in the ascending signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Continuous Propitiatory (Graha-shanti) remedies and strengthening of the weak planets helps.
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