Health Readings – Astrology Gathering


Looking for something unique for your health conscious community? Consider an online -OR- in person (Sarasota, FL) health reading astrology gathering! At this health reading astrology gathering each person will receive their own personalized birth chart as well as have their chart read by the one and only Planetary Sara. Each party begins with a short introduction to Systems’ Approach Vedic Astrology to learn the background of the information you’re about to receive. Then Planetary Sara will work privately one on one with each person in the group. Each person will need to have with them their exact time, place and date of birth – it’s best to send this information to Planetary Sara ahead of the gathering, but last minute add on readings are also fine (we all have that one friend who can’t commit until the day of)!

2 hour online -OR- in person astrology gathering rates:

1-5 people: $350

6-10 people: $450

11-15 people: $550



Gain insight into your health from an astrological perspective. During the health reading I will cover each of the planets and their weaknesses to identify potential past, current, or future health issues. I will also give details regarding what remedial measures are suggested to mitigate current issues or potential issues in the future. If there are any specific health issues of concern please let me know in an email BEFORE the reading so I can look into these areas in more depth during the reading.