Planetary Transits for May 30 – June 5

Note: The close conjunction of Saturn and Ketu (April 5 — October 18) indicates serious issues worldwide.

Recent Headlines:

  • 100 Million in US in Weather Threat Zone
  • Central US Reels from Week of Deadly Weather
  • 500 + Tornadoes and Nine Deaths Over the Past 30 Days
  • A Heat Wave Scorches Southeast US
  • Earthquake Shakes Tokyo
  • Terrorist Explosion in France
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Dark Forces on the Rise in Europe
  • Congress Fails to Help Gold Star Families
  • House GOP Blocks $19 Billion Disaster Aid
  • Sixth Child Migrant Dies in US Federal Custody
  • Mount Everest Death Toll Rises to 11

Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits Taurus, from 14:56 to 21:06 °. This connects leaders and the government with earthy projects. (Including the aftermath of floods and tornadoes.) Sun is outside the orb of influences of other planets. This is favorable for leaders, physicians, administrators, and governments.
  • Moon is waning/waxing and transits Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The new Moon is in Taurus, June 3rd. (Some astrologers say it is good to start new projects, such as planting a garden, around a new Moon.)
  • Mars transits Gemini, from 14:56 to 19:26°.   Mars is outside the close orb of other planets. This should be good for the military, police, athletes, executives, firefighters and buying property.
  • Mercury transits out of Taurus and into Gemini on June 2nd at 2:49 a.m. CDT. Be patient with stocks, business, computers, finances, technology, communications and intellectual property. Mercury is under the 7th aspect of Jupiter, May 29 – June 2. Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies and countries (including USA) should be careful and patient.
  • Jupiter transits Scorpio, from 26:54 to 25:59 °. Jupiter is under the 7th aspect of Mercury, May 29 – June 2. Aries, Libra and Aquarius rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient.  Jupiter is in  retrograde motion until August 11th.
  • Venus transits out of Aries and into Taurus, June 4th at 1:50 p.m., CDT. Venus is under the 5th aspect of Ketu until June 3rd and is weak in degrees until June 8th. Take care of the women in your life and be patient with women, romance, luxuries, vehicles, medicine, legal matters, finance, entertainment, and the fine, healing and performing arts.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 25:41 to 25:20°. This connects law, religion and education with the elderly, the poor and needy, immigrants, agriculture, manufacturing and working-class persons. Saturn is retrograde until Sept. 18th and is closely conjunct Ketu for 28 weeks — April 5th to October 18th.

This rare and slow-moving transit is likely to cause serious problems worldwide – for immigrants, the poor and needy, working-class persons, the elderly, agriculture, manufacturing, things of the earth, (including climate change and weather-related catastrophes), healthcare, economic resources, the oil and gas industries, and world peace.   

  • Rahu and Ketu transit Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, from 24:14 to 23:45°. This indicates significant stress for those persons with planets in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) between 22 to 25 degrees – or whenever Rahu or Ketu are within 5 degrees of a person’s rising sign degree (in any house), or any planet (by aspect or conjunction).

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”)

  • Aries: Focus on communications and independent projects. Expect progress with your children, education and investments.  Speak up as an authority figure, but be vigilant to avoid disputes. Relationships are forefront and spiritual, but be patient with setbacks. Enjoy the arts. Take care of income and friendships through mid-Oct.
  • Taurus:  Take care of your children, education and investments, these are vulnerable to setbacks or accidents. Property, vehicles, and leadership remain forefront. Be patient with losses, expenses and separations. Be vigilant to manage debts, disputes, legal and health issues. Exercise patience at work through mid-Oct.
  • Gemini: Consider long-distance entrepreneurial ventures – but be patient with losses and expenses — and issues with authority figures — through mid-June. Make decisions and be courageous. Income and friendships are with you. Gain from women, children, education and investments. Be vigilant with relationships through mid-Oct.
  • Cancer:  Gain from large organizations and authority figures, but be vigilant with independent projects – these are vulnerable to debts and disputes. Connect with friends in high places and women at work. Career expenses and separations are possible through June 23rd. Be vigilant with money/marriage and to avoid accidents through mid-Oct.
  • Leo: Lead at work and connect with large organizations. Ask for a raise or promotion; you may also get an award or recognition. Focus on business, communications, technology and intellectual property. Gain from property and executive decisions. Remain vigilant with partnerships and joint ventures through mid-Oct.
  • Virgo:  Focus on father and religious figures, and give help if necessary. There may be travel through mid-June. A windfall at work is possible. Connect your career with research and be patient with short-lived setbacks. Consider property matters. Be vigilant with debts, disputes, legal and health issues through mid-Oct.
  • Libra: Focus on partnerships, and joint ventures – these are connected with religion, good fortune and journeys through June 23rd. Be patient with entrepreneurial losses and issues with insomnia. Setbacks with income and friendships are likely through mid-June. Protect your children, education and investments through mid-Oct.
  • Scorpio: Be patient with insomnia, intimacy, expenses and separations – relative to health and finances. Connect work with partnerships and joint ventures through mid-June. Be vigilant to manage debts, disputes, health and legal issues through June 23rd. Property, vehicles and home life remain vulnerable through mid-Oct.
  • Sagittarius: Be vigilant at work to manage conflicts and finances. Expect gains from children, education, investments, partnerships and joint ventures. Take care of father, religious and authority figures through mid-June; these are vulnerable to debts, disputes or health issues. Be reclusive through mid-Oct.
  • Capricorn: Work out of your home and on your home. Redecorate your living space. Be patient with setbacks with your children, education and investments. Make sure property and fixed assets are legal and insured to manage debts and disputes through June 23rd. Be patient with expenses and separations through mid-Oct.
  • Aquarius: Expect good fortune with entrepreneurial ventures connected with children, education and investments. Your thinking is logical and courageous. Be careful to avoid accidents at home or while driving. Connect partnerships with property and family life through mid-June. Protect your health and reputation through mid-Oct.
  • Pisces: Focus on entrepreneurial partnerships — but be vigilant to manage debts and disputes with communications and your own initiatives through mid-June. Be patient with setbacks. Work on property, vehicles and home life. Focus on the fine, healing and performing arts. Be vigilant in the workplace through mid-Oct.

About the author: David Hawthorne