Planetary Transits for June 27 – July 3

Notes: There is a total solar eclipse on July 2nd, (visible primarily in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay). In Iowa, the peak eclipse is at 2:23 p.m. CDT. Even though not seen in USA, it may be better to get extra rest on the day of the eclipse.

Saturn remains conjunct Ketu and under the aspect of Rahu (April 5 – Oct. 18), indicating serious issues worldwide. Be especially careful and patient until July 12th — as Saturn and Ketu are now in exact conjunction. (USA is especially vulnerable; be vigilant on July 4th.)

Recent Headlines Relative to the Saturn/Ketu Conjunction:

These have been moved to the bottom of this weekly column – so that people have the option to NOT read the negative headlines from this past week.

Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits Gemini from 11:09 to 17:50°.  This connects governments with business, finance, technology, communications and social events.  Sun is outside the orb of influence of other planets, which should be good for leaders, physicians, administrators and governments.  There is a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, which can only be seen in South America.
  • Moon is waning/waxing and transits Aries, Taurus, Gemini and into Cancer.
  • Mars transits its debilitation sign, Cancer, from 02:50 to 07:17°. Mars is closely conjunct Mercury until July 14th. Aries, Libra and Aquarius rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient. Mars is debilitated until August 9th.  This is NOT ideal for the military, police, athletes, executives, firefighters and property matters.
  • Mercury transits Cancer, from 06:01 to 09:47°. Mercury is closely conjunct Mars until July 14th. Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient.
  • Jupiter transits Scorpio, from 23:18 to 22:31°. Jupiter is outside the orb of other planets, which should be favorable for law, religion and education. Jupiter is in retrograde motion until August 11th. Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies and countries, (including USA), should be vigilant whenever Jupiter is within 5 degrees of their rising sign degree and/or any planet in the birth or transit chart, by aspect or conjunction.
  • Venus transits out of Taurus and into Gemini, June 29th. Venus is weak in degrees until July 3rd. Be patient with the women in your life and be easy with romance, luxuries, entertainment and the fine, healing and performing arts.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 24:02 to 23:29°. This connects law, religion and education with the elderly, the poor and needy, immigrants, agriculture, manufacturing and working-class persons. Saturn is retrograde until Sept. 18th and is closely conjunct Ketu for 28 weeks — April 5th to October 18th.
  • This rare and slow-moving transit is causing serious problems worldwide – relative to immigrants, the poor and needy, working-class persons, the elderly, agriculture, manufacturing, things of the earth (fires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes), weather-related catastrophes, healthcare (pandemics), global resources and economies, world peace and the oil, gas, and minerals industries – these are all vulnerable.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, from 23:34 to 23:29°. Rahu and Ketu are now “stationary” in the 23-degree range June 2 – August 18. This indicates significant stress for those persons with planets in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) between 22 to 24 degrees – or whenever Rahu or Ketu are within 5 degrees of a person’s rising sign degree (in any house), or any planet (by aspect or conjunction).

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”)

  • Aries: Focus on property, vehicles, and home life – but safeguard against debts, disputes or legal issues with same. Connect children, education and investments with your own initiatives. Be patient with joint ventures. Watch your health and finances through July 14th. Take care of income and friendships through mid-Oct.
  • Taurus:  Speak up an authority figure and expect a lift with property, vehicles and home life. Consider a retreat or long-distance venture — but be patient with expenses and separations with your initiatives, children, education and investments. There may be setbacks or accidents at work through mid-Oct.
  • Gemini: Take a leadership position and focus on entrepreneurial ventures. Expect a lift with income, friendships, property, vehicles and home life. Be patient with losses, expenses and separations with children, education and investments. Remain vigilant with relationships through mid-Oct.
  • Cancer:  Consider a retreat or long-distance venture – but be patient with expenses and separations.  Your career is forefront. Focus on writing, business, technology and communications. There may be losses with property and vehicles.  Manage setbacks with money and marriage and be careful to avoid accidents through mid-Oct.
  • Leo: Enjoy income and friendships. Gain from independent projects and large organizations. Be patient with losses, expenses and separations relative to father and religious figures and your status and family life. Be easy with entrepreneurial activities. Remain vigilant with relationships through mid-Oct.
  • Virgo:  Focus on income and friendships – but be careful to manage setbacks and to avoid accidents. There may be a windfall or marriage. Connect work with long-distance ventures and large organizations; be patient with expenses and separations. Expect a lift next week. Be vigilant with debts, disputes and health issues through Oct.
  • Libra: Be patient, get extra rest and finalize research projects. Look forward to a lift next week. Connect work with property, partnerships, joint ventures and long-distance projects – but expect expenses and separations with same. Take care of your children, education and investments through mid-Oct.
  • Scorpio: Connect work with research and knowledge, but manage setbacks through mid-July. Income and friendships are vulnerable to debts and disputes. Be patient with expenses, insomnia, separations, and long-distance ventures through July 23rd. Protect your property and home life through mid-Oct.
  • Sagittarius: Be patient with income and friendships for a few days and then expect a lift. Your best bet is with partnerships. Take care of your children, education and investments through mid-July. There may be setbacks at work through July. Focus on research. Protect your health and reputation through mid-Oct.
  • Capricorn: Connect property and home life with partnerships. Enjoy relationships – but be careful with money and marriage.  Take care of your health through mid-July. Be vigilant to manage debts and disputes at work through July 23rd. Protect your status and family life through mid-Oct.
  • Aquarius: Expect good fortune and connect partnerships with children, education and investments.  Think big and consider gold or government bonds. Be vigilant with money, marriage, communications and entrepreneurial ventures through July. Protect your health and reputation through mid-Oct.
  • Pisces: Enjoy your status and family life — connected with children, education, investments and partnerships. Focus on business, technology and communications. Manage debts and disputes with property and vehicles through mid-July. Expect a lift at work, but manage expenses and separations through mid-Oct.

Recent Headlines (Reflecting the Current Saturn/Ketu Conjunction:

  • The Reservoirs of the 6th Largest City in India, Chennai, are Almost Completely Dry — Millions are at Risk of Running Out of Water
  • Himalayan Glaciers are Melting Twice as Fast as Last Century
  • Iran Shoots Down US Drone Aircraft
  • Chinese Fighter Jets Deployed to Contested Island
  • Florida City to Pay $600,000 Ransom to Hacker Who Seized Computer Systems
  • Man Threatens to ‘Kill Every Gay Person I Can’ at St. Louis Pride Fest
  • Philadelphia Oil Refinery Fire Sparks 4 Explosions Felt for Miles
  • President Trump Orders and Rescinds Military Attack on Targets in Iran
  • 15 States in Severe Weather Risks
  • Oil Prices Spike as Tensions Rise Between U.S. and Iran
  • Officials Rule Against Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic
  • Seven Motorcyclists Die in Collision with Pickup Truck
  • Skydiving Plane Crashes in Hawaii, 11 People Aboard Die
  • White House’s High-Risk Iran Policy Heads into Dangerous Territory
  • Millions on Alert for Dangerous Weather
  • A Heat Wave Engulfs Europe
  • Myanmar Shuts Down Mobile Data Networks
  • Severe Weather Warning for 20  Million People.

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