Planetary Transits for January 23 – January 29

Notes: Saturn, which has been in Sagittarius for the past 3 years, now moves into its own sign, Capricorn, where it will until January 2023. This transit will be mostly favorable for 9 rising sign persons, companies and countries (including USA).

Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius rising sign persons, however, should be careful and patient – and can safely strengthen Saturn using dark blue colors and wearing a blue sapphire or blue topaz gemstone or the mystical pendant (kavach) — for smoother sailing and to add protective covering to life.


To read more about Saturn in Capricorn for your rising sign please click the link below:


Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits Capricorn from 08:32 to 15:39°.
  • Moon is waning/waxing and transits Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and into Pisces.
  • Mars transits Scorpio, from 19:17 to 24:04°.
  • Mercury transits Capricorn, from 16:54 to 28:55°.
  • Jupiter transits its own sign, Sagittarius, from 17:36 to 19:09°. Jupiter is closely conjunct Ketu until Jan. 28th. This connects law, religion, morality, justice, education, banking, consulting and long-distance travel with spirituality. There may, however, also be setbacks and karmic issues with these same significations.
  • Venus transits Aquarius, from 17:18 to 25:41°. Venus is under the 4th aspect of Mars until Feb. 5th. Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient.
  • Saturn transits out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, Jan. 23rd at 10:22 p.m. CST. Saturn is weak in degrees until March 11th. Take care of the elderly and the poor and needy on Saturdays. Be patient with problems with manufacturing, agriculture and the oil, gas and minerals industries. THIS IS ALSO NOT GOOD FOR THE MASSES, IMMIGRANTS AND WORKING-CLASS PERSONS. More on Saturnʻs transit in next weekʻs column.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, from 14:14 to 13:46°. Rahu and Ketu are stationary in the 14-degree range until January 27th. This is not ideal for persons, companies and countries with planets in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius) between 13 and 15 degrees – or for anyone — whenever Rahu or Ketu are within 5 degrees of a rising sign degree (in any house), or any planet (by aspect or conjunction).

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”)

  • Aries: Focus on ancient knowledge (Ayurveda, meditation, astrology, et al). Connect work with children, education, investments, leadership and large organizations – but manage debts and disputes. Expect income and friendships with partnerships.  Gain from women and creativity. Good fortune is with you, Feb. and March.
  • Taurus:  Expect a lift with your children, education, investments, property, vehicles, and home life. Seek advice from father figures. Be vigilant at work to manage debts and disputes. Connect with women and the creative arts. Be patient with partnerships. Enjoy your career, for the most part of the next 3 years.
  • Gemini: Connect independent projects with ancient knowledge (Ayurveda, meditation, astrology, et al). Be patient with authority figures, get extra rest and work on your health. Expect good fortune with your children, education and investments. Focus on partnerships and joint ventures through March.
  • Cancer:  Expect success with independent projects, partnerships and long-distance ventures. Connect your career with children, education and investments (in property). Study construction, engineering and management. Be patient with transportation and home life; these are vulnerable to setbacks or accidents.
  • Leo: Be vigilant when speaking and with your health, finances, and communications — to avoid debts and disputes through mid-Feb. Expect good fortune with property, vehicles and home life. Expect relief with your mind, children, investments and education. These should do well for Feb. and March.
  • Virgo:  Focus on children, education, investments and spiritual pursuits. These may also involve expenses or separations. Be careful when eating and speaking to avoid disputes and health issues. Connect independent projects with ancient knowledge, but there may be setbacks. Property and home life do well for Feb. and March.
  • Libra: Focus on children, education, investments and spiritual pursuits. You may be inventive, imaginative and unconventional. Expect both income and friendships with property, vehicles and home life – along with expenses or separations. Independent projects should do well during Feb. and March.
  • Scorpio: Connect work, income, friendships and leadership with independent projects. Focus on writing, business and technology. Be courageous and make decisions — but manage debts, disputes, and health issues. Be patient with expenses and separations at home or with property. Expect a lift for Feb. and March.
  • Sagittarius: Expect a lift with your family and professional life. Enjoy income and friendships connected with independent projects. Be patient with children and investments, which are vulnerable to expenses and separations. Your health, appearance and reputation should do well for the next 2 months.
  • Capricorn: Expect a lift with your career, connected with women and creativity. Take a leadership position and focus on writing, business, and technology – but do not take risks or chances. There may be setbacks, accidents or vulnerability. Enjoy gains relative to property, vehicles, fixed assets and home life.
  • Aquarius:  Take action at work, connected with property and independent projects.  Good fortune, spiritual journeys and long-distance ventures are on your side. Be patient with expenses and separations with partnerships and joint ventures. Income and friendships should do well for the next 2 months.
  • Pisces: Connect joint ventures and large organizations with income and friendships — but be patient to manage debts and disputes with same. There may be gains from authority figures. Expect good fortune with your wealth, status and family life. Feb. and March should be good for your professional life.

About the Author: David Hawthorne