Planetary Transits for December 3– December 9

Chart of the Week:  Ernest Hemmingway, (July 21, 1899 at 8:00 a.m. in Oak Park, IL) had the Leo rising sign with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury in the 1st house gives writing and communications skills. Mars in the 1st house makes one courageous and competitive and brings good fortune as it rules the 9th house. Jupiter in the 3rd house gives sons, and publishing and entrepreneurial ventures. Saturn in the 4th house gives home-life abroad and joint ventures with property. Rahu in the 5th house gives voracious mind, children, and creativity.  Moon in the 5th house gives an educated mother and an education abroad. Venus in the 11th house gives income through women, entertainment and independent ventures. Ketu in the 11th house gives friends on a mystical or spiritual path. Sun in the 12th house takes one to foreign lands, makes one reclusive, and gives poor health. He died in the Jupiter main period and Ketu sub period. Ketu, ruling past-life karma and unexpected violence, afflicts Jupiter, which rules his 5th house of mind. On the day of his death, Jupiter, ruling wisdom, was transiting its debilitation sign in his 6th house of mental stress, while transit Rahu and Ketu were afflicting their own positions in the natal chart, along with Mercury, ruling the intellect.
Sun transits Scorpio, from 16:39 to 23:45°.  Sun moves away from the influence of Saturn and is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be good for leaders, physicians, administrators, and governments.
Moon is waning and transits Leo, Virgo, Libra and into Scorpio. 
Mars transits Virgo, from 18:01 to 22:06°. Mars is outside of the orb of influence of other planets, but is co-dependent on the strength of its fast-moving dispositor, Mercury, until Dec. 24.
Mercury transits out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, Dec. 6 at 12:32 a.m. CST.  Mercury is weak in degrees until Dec. 9. Be careful with stocks, business, computers, viruses, communications and intellectual property.
Jupiter transits Leo, from 27:10 to 27:51°. Jupiter is weak in degrees until March 2016. There can be issues with law, religion, banking and education.  Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces rising sign persons should wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.
Venus transits its mooltrikona sign, Libra, from 03:40 to 11:53°.  Venus is outside the orb of influence of other planets and is not co-dependent on any other planet. This should be excellent for romance, travel, the arts, and luxuries. Look for a breakthrough in law, medicine, finance, entertainment or transportation.
Saturn transits Scorpio, from 13:45 to 14:35°.  Saturn is in good strength, which should be good for the gas, oil and minerals industries, along with manufacturing, agriculture, the elderly, and the poor and needy.
Rahu and Ketu transit Virgo and Pisces, respectively, from 03:57 to 03:25°. Those persons, companies and countries with 2 to 4° rising signs or with any planet at 2 to 4° in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) should be careful and patient.
Transits for each “Rising sign” (not “Sun sign”):
Aries: Focus on your health, finances and legal issues and be vigilant to avoid conflict through Dec. 23. Your spouse, partner, relationships, joint ventures, and living abroad should see a positive lift through Dec. 24. Your children, education and investments remain vulnerable through mid-Dec.  Be patient with income and friendships through Jan. 2017.
Taurus: Focus on marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and/or life abroad. These should do well. Expect improvement with your parents, property, vehicles and home life. Health, finances and legal issues should improve and be fine through Dec. 24. Take care of your children, education and investments, which are vulnerable to setbacks through Dec. 25.
Gemini: Continue to be vigilant with your health, stress, finance, communications and independent projects through mid-Dec. Be patient with your parents, property, vehicles and home life. These should improve after Dec. 5. Focus on creativity, and your children, education, investments and entertainment. These should do well through Dec. 24.
Cancer: Think big. Connect your career with independent projects and take action. Expect status with your children, education and investments. Be careful with communications and independent projects, which are subject to debts and disputes through Dec. 25. Redecorate your living quarters, consider gold or property investments or buy that new car.
Leo:  Continue to focus on your parents, property, vehicles and home life through mid-Dec. There may be status through your children, education and investments. Expect success with communications and your own initiatives. Be patient with your wealth and family life. Consider property, vehicle and fixed assets partnerships through Jan. 2017.
Virgo: Shift your attention from independent projects to your parents, property, vehicles and home life. Work out of your home on writing, business, and communications. Expect progress with your wealth, status and family life through Dec. 24. On a personal level, be vigilant to avoid accidents and be patient with delays and setbacks through Dec. 23.
Libra: Time to shine!  Get a haircut, buy new clothes, and consider that day spa. Focus on creativity, luxuries and the fine, healing or performing arts. Work on independent projects with business and communications, but do not put money into these. Expect gains with status and family life, connected with your children, education, and investments.
Scorpio: Expect a lift with your career. Take a leadership position. There may be a promotion or recognition for your efforts, and gains with your status and family life. Focus on business and communications through Dec. 24. Long distance ventures do well. Income and friendships are subject to debts, disputes or health issues through Dec. 23.
Sagittarius: Be patient for a few more days with your career. Focus on ashrams, retreats, and foreign lands. Get extra rest and stay reclusive through mid-Dec. Expect a big lift with income, friendships and older siblings. Gain from women, creativity, luxuries, and the fine, healing or performing arts. Some of you may buy a new car this month.
Capricorn: Focus on your career. Redecorate your workspace and consider that new company car. Connect creativity, luxuries, and the fine, healing, or performing with your professional life. Be patient with expenses with property, vehicles, fixed assets and home life through Dec. 24.  There may be short-lived setbacks with income and friendships.
Aquarius: Connect marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and long distance ventures with your career. Take a leadership position and work with authority figures. You may get an award or promotion. Expect gains from business and communications, along with spiritual progress. Be patient with entrepreneurial setbacks through Dec. 23.
Pisces: Health and finances improve, but be careful with marriage and windfalls. Your partner may be involved in a long distance journey or spiritual venture. Focus on writing, business, communications, and intellectual property through Dec. 24. Expect a lift with your wealth, status and family life connected with partnerships and joint ventures.