Mercury Transits Cancer

Mercury is in Cancer July 16th, 2022-July 31st, 2022 


Aries: There may be some disturbances in your home life and with mental peace. 


Taurus: Focus on your entrepreneurial activities, writing, business, and communications


Gemini: Your speaking and analytical skills are on point. Connect wealth and status with writing, business, and communications 


Cancer: You may be feeling sensitive, analytical, and critical. Work on your own initiatives, writing, business, and communications. 


Leo: You may have some setbacks regarding social/professional status. Connect your wealth and status with foreign lands


Virgo: You may be feeling dynamic, extroverted, passionate, imaginative, and flexible. You should see gains connected with your efforts. 


Libra: You are vulnerable to losses in business ventures and setbacks in your career and professional life. Focus on ventures away from you birth place. 


Scorpio: You may get a boost with your income, assistance from friends, gains from foreign lands, and fulfillment of desires. 


Sagittarius: There can be obstructions in your career. You may travel to a foriegn land in connection with your job. You may be feeling less confident and have setbacks. 


Capricorn: Focus on art and design. You may be feeling extra caring and get support from your family. You may also travel to a foreign land. Focus on religion and spirituality. 


Aquarius: There may be obstructions, issues with windfalls and the marital bond, problems to father, and poor decision making. Your confidence and vitality are weak. 


Pisces: You may be feeling emotional and want to bond with your partner. Focus on higher education and investments connected with your business ventures.