Mars Transits Cancer

Mars is in its debilitation sign of Cancer May 10th, 2023-June 30th, 2023 


The planets are in the state of debilitation in particular signs, and therefore weak, failing to fully protect/promote their general and particular significations. 


Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces rising signs can all strengthen Mars with red coral, burning red colors or the kavach for better support. 


Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio should never wear red coral or red colors. Instead they can help men who are like brothers on Tuesdays and listen to chants for Hanuman. 


Aries: You may have diminished initiatives and feel weak. There can also be delays in your professional success. Focus on home life. 


Taurus: There can be losses in entrepreneurial activities and business ventures. Avoid being too aggressive and causing conflicts. 


Gemini: You may have some aches and pains and issues with financial goals. You may feel like you’re working hard without reward. Focus on income connected with your status. 


Cancer: You may be feeling lethargic and have slugging professional growth. You may want to use your mind more than your body. Focus on creativity connected with your career. 


Leo: You also may be feeling sluggish, achey, and have delays. There can be losses and expenses relative to your father, spirituality, and long distant ventures. 


Virgo: You are prone to injuries and accidents. Focus on income and gains connected with deep research, language, mystical, occult and ancient knowledge. 


Libra: There can be disruption in marriage and with foriegn lands. You can obtain assets and be courageous and aggressive in your career and professional life. 


Scorpio: There can be conflicts, debts and disputes with father, spirituality, and long distance ventures and you may feel a lack of confidence. 


Sagittarius: You may be feeling secretive with your emotions and preferences. You may also have a lack of concentration and seek pleasures instead. 


Capricorn: There can be disruption in marriage, family, relationships, and you may feel short tempered. Give extra patience and care to your home life and partnerships. 


Aquarius: There can be conflicts in entrepreneurial success and business ventures and you may be short tempered or aggressive. You are prone to accidents. 


Pisces: You may be working very hard to achieve professional success. Be careful with your temper and don’t get provoked. Connect your wealth and status with higher education, investments, and creative projects.