I Tried The EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test

For as long as I’ve been on this planet (according to my mother) I have suffered from digestive issues (thank you Ketu afflicting Sun in my Vedic Astrology chart). My stomach issues have been no secret to close friends, family, and partners throughout the years. Even my boyfriend’s loving nickname for me is Scare Bear Rumble Guts because my stomach issues get worse when I’m upset, scared, or anxious about something.
I remember making the correlation when I was just 9 years old that whenever I ate steak at dinnertime I would wake up with horrible nightmares, stomach pains, and anxiety. I decided to go vegetarian for a couple years.
Next, I started to notice milk was an issue and I stopped eating ice cream and started opting for almond milk or soy milk non-dairy ice cream instead. A few years later it was gluten so I went off gluten for 5 months and felt much better.
None of these diets I put myself on lasted because ultimately my will power is not as strong as I’d like to believe it is. No meat, no ice cream, no bread, what kind of existence is that?? But every time I was suffering from pain, fatigue, painful bloating, and rumbly guts I questioned my decision to again start eating foods I knew in my heart of hearts were absolutely hurting me.
Every time I mentioned food allergy testing to my doctor she would change the conversation to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. She would claim the food allergy tests wouldn’t tell me anything useful and that going through the doctors office it could potentially cost me thousands of dollars.
So when I came across the EverylyWell Food Sensitivity Test it seemed like my prayers had finally been answered.

The markers measured include:

I decided, “hey why not? If it doesn’t work, I’ve only lost $200.” So on February 22nd I bit the bullet, entered my credit card information, and immediately thought, “I probably just wasted my money…”
The test arrived on February 25th and I had my boyfriend help me take the blood samples. They give you these little devices that help you prick your finger. I had to run my hands under warm water and shake them for a while to get the blood flowing enough to fill the circles on the card they give you to send back for testing.

Once the circles were filled and dried, I sealed the test in it’s packaging and sent it to the lab. Within 3 days my results were in and ready to review. During the time that I waited for my results to come back I kept thinking, “if this test doesn’t say I’m sensitive to wheat, gluten, or dairy then I’m gunna be pissed!” For some reason even though I was adamant about being intolerance to these things, I still needed confirmation, on paper, from a lab, to believe it. Welp, my wish came true! I now have proof! 
What shocked me and pleased me at the same time was it didn’t just say I was sensitive to gluten, but also yeast! So all those months I was eating gluten free bread with yeast in it and not feeling much of a difference finally made sense! Since getting my results back, I’ve found the greatest gluten free bread in existence made without yeast and it doesn’t give me the bloating I get when I eat other gluten free breads that contain yeast!
My top two favorite gluten free breads by the way are Glutino (contains yeast) and Sami’s bakery (doesn’t contain yeast).
Next, you’ll see my moderate reactivity section which includes 12 foods. I was a bit surprised by some of them like tuna, malt, and kelp (who eats kelp on the regular?) but most everything else on the list I already suspected gave me problems. I had been tracking my symptoms after eating certain foods and on my list of self diagnosed sensitivities was also squash, milk, coconut, wheat, barley, cheese, and cottage cheese (basically all milk products.)

Since I’ve gotten my results back I have been eating gluten and yeast free and feeling much better again. After 1 month of no gluten and yeast I will start to eliminate the moderate reactivity foods one by one for about 3 weeks at a time. Here is more information from their website regarding how they suggest you use the information your test reveals to you.
“1. High or moderate reactivity elimination plan: remove all of these foods from your diet for 3 weeks. Begin reintroducing one food back at a time, ideally 3 days apart, and observe how your body reacts. 2. Broad elimination diet: remove all foods with any amount of reactivity above low reactivity (class 0) from your diet for 30 days. Begin reintroducing one food back at a time, eat as much as you’d like on the first day. Do not eat it on days 2-4 and pay close attention to your symptoms (if you have any). Then you can start the process over again with the next food. This process is tedious, but it’s helpful to pinpoint which foods are causing the most symptoms.”

The take away

I have struggled with digestive issues my entire life and have been tracking the foods I eat and the reactions I have for years now. I was convinced I was sensitive to milk, gluten, coconut, squash, and a few other things. My test showed EXACTLY that. Plus, it pointed out that I have a yeast imbalance in my gut because I am sensitive to both brewers yeast and bakers yeast. This explains why when I eat gluten free bread I still don’t feel that great. I found a gluten free bread now that doesn’t have yeast and I’m amazed at how good I feel when I eat that instead of regular gluten free bread. I’m now considering the candida diet.

I’m so happy I finally ordered this test! I had been meaning to for a long time, but didn’t want to spend the money. I am thoroughly convinced this test is accurate and worth every penny. Everything I suspected I was sensitive to showed up on my high or moderate reactivity list. I’m impressed!!

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