Horoscopes for the September Full Moon in Aquarius & Weekly Transit Information

According to Vedic astrology and the Sidereal Zodiac (which is 23 degrees earlier than the Tropical Zodiac used by Western astrologers, the full Harvest Moon will occur in the sign of Aquarius on Friday the 13th of September. This is a rare event as the next full Moon to fall on Friday the 13th will not be until August 2049. This Moon is also known as the micro Moon as it will appear smaller than other full Moons. 


Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Saturn, the significator of dutifulness and responsibility. Moon in Aquarius will support creativity, spirituality, and deep thinking. The focus is on fulfilling your dreams, being inventive, and thinking outside the box.


Moon will be sitting directly across from Mars and the Sun, conjunct in Leo making you feel extra bold, powerful, energetic, and fiery. This conjunction is good for taking initiative. 


Aries: Think outside the box when it comes to your income and friendships. Get creative, host a party for your friends and give some focus to your desires. What would fulfill you and how can you get closer to attaining it?

Taurus: Think outside the box when it comes to your career. Get creative, talk to your co-workers and connect on an emotional level. Is there a project you’ve been considering in the work place you’d like to get a jump on? 

Gemini: Think outside the box when it comes to your dharma. Get creative, ask yourself what your purpose is in life and meditate on the answer. Fortune awaits you if you just put your energy on what you desire most in life. 

Cancer: Think outside the box when it comes to your experiences. This full Moon can bring you some inner and outer transformations, focus on the past, and even some vulnerable feelings. Roll with it and tap into ancient knowledge for guidance. 

Leo: Think outside the box when it comes to your partnerships and relationships. Connect…like really connect with your partner. Put down the phone and allow yourself the intimate moments you’ve been yearning for. 

Virgo: Think outside the box when it comes to your health and finances. Be delicate with your mind and emotions and get some extra rest. The focus is on your own mental health, so take some time to yourself and make self care a priority. 

Libra: Think outside the box when it comes to your investments and creative projects. Pick up a good book you’ve been meaning to read, set some goals for yourself with the focus being on harnessing more of your creative talents on a daily basis. 

Scorpio: Think outside the box when it comes to your home life. Take time at home with your family, loved ones, and friends. Put some effort into your world at home and make it your sanctuary. 

Sagittarius: Think outside the box when it comes to your independent projects. Where would you like to put your focus in order to attain entrepreneurial success. Communicate your needs and desires to those around you. 

Capricorn: Think outside the box when it comes to your wealth and status. Get creative and stop thinking you can’t make your dream job a reality! Pull your focus and emotional energy in a positive direction and let go of old thinking. 

Aquarius: Think outside the box! Take a moment for self care, putting extra attention on your emotions, desires, enterprises, health, and the name you wish to make for yourself. Shine bright like the full Moon and enjoy your spot light!

Pisces: Think outside the box when it comes to your spirituality. Consider a retreat and pull focus on enlightenment and transcending old thought patterns. What’s going on behind the scenes? Commit to the deeper work you know you need to allow into your life right now. 

For my father’s weekly column please see below:

Notes:  Mars and Saturn are under the influence of Ketu. Jupiter is under the influence of Mars, which is carrying the influence of Ketu.

Jupiter and Saturn are functional malefic planets for the chart of USA — and they currently afflict 6 of the 12 houses in the transit chart.

Additionally, Venus, ruling national peace, is also afflicted.
This represents dangerous events for the country through October at the earliest.  (Saturn’s affliction in the chart is actually through November.

Be vigilant, protect your family and focus on your spiritual practices.

Recent Headlines (Relative to close conjunction of Saturn and Ketu): These have been moved to the bottom of this weekly column – so that people have the option to NOT read this past week’s negative news.

Where the Vedic Astrology Planets are this Week

  • Sun transits out of its own sign, Leo, and into Virgo on Sept. 17th.  The recent influence of Mars, Mercury and Ketu on the Sun has now dissipated, which should be helpful for those under recent stress. Sun is weak in degrees, however, until Sept. 22nd. Leaders, presidents, physicians, administrators and governments should get extra rest.
  • Moon is waxing/waning and transits Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. The full (harvest) Moon is in Aquarius on Sept. 14th.
  • Mars transits Leo, from 21:47 to 26:15°.  Mars remains under the 9th aspect of Ketu until Sept. 18th. This is not ideal for the military, police, surgeons, athletes, executives, engineering, construction, firefighters and property matters.
  • Mercury transits its exaltation sign, Virgo, from 02:11 to 14:10°. This should be good for stocks, business, technology, communications and intellectual property. Mercury is closely conjunct Venus until Sept. 24th. Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces rising sign persons, companies and countries are likely under stress.
  • Jupiter transits Scorpio, from 21:52 to 22:35°. Jupiter is under the 4th aspect of Mars until Sept. 21st. This connect law, banking, religion and education with the military, police, sports and property. Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio rising sign persons, companies, and countries are likely under stress. Additionally, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies and countries, (including USA), should be vigilant whenever Jupiter is within 5 degrees of their rising sign degree or any planet — in any house — in their birth or transit chart, by aspect or conjunction. THIS IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE EXTREME STRESS IN THE HOROSCOPE FOR USA – THROUGH SEPTEMBER.
  • Venus transits its debilitation sign, from 02:56 to 11:47°.  Be patient with women, luxuries, romance, entertainment, and the fine, healing and performing arts. Venus is closely conjunct Mercury until Sept. 24th. Aries, Libra and Aquarius rising sign persons are likely under stress.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 19:48 to 19:46°. Saturn is retrograde until Sept. 18th and closely conjunct Ketu for 28 weeks — April 5th to October 18th.  This rare and slow-moving transit is causing serious problems worldwide – relative to immigrants, the poor and needy, the masses, working-class persons, the elderly, agriculture, manufacturing, and the oil, gas and minerals industries. Adverse events may include pandemics, military conflicts, economic collapses and global-warming issues (fires, floods, cyclones, volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, et al). BE ESPECIALLY VIGILANT SEPT. 16TH TO OCT. 8TH, WHEN SATURN AND KETU ARE WITHIN 1 DEGREE OF EACH OTHER.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, from 21:38 to 20:24°. Those persons, companies and countries with planets in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) between 21 to 19 degrees – or whenever Rahu or Ketu are within 5 degrees of a rising sign degree (in any house), or any planet (by aspect or conjunction) should be careful and patient.

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun Sign”)

  • Aries: Focus on your children, education, investments, property, meditation and spiritual pursuits. Be vigilant with partnerships and joint ventures. These are vulnerable to debts, disputes, legal and health issues. Income, friendships, older siblings and long-distance journeys remain vulnerable through Oct.
  • Taurus:  Be patient with property, vehicles, home life, insomnia, intimacy, institutions and foreign lands. These are subject to setbacks. Your mind is creative, but avoid mental stress. Protect your children, education and investments. These are vulnerable. Be careful and patient at work and with relationships through Oct.
  • Gemini: Focus on entrepreneurial ventures, property, vehicles and home life. Be patient with setbacks with  income, friendships and older siblings. Work out of your home on business, education, investments and communications. Be vigilant to manage debts and disputes with relationships through Oct.
  • Cancer:  Ease off on leadership and be vigilant when speaking. Focus on entrepreneurial ventures from home connected with women, writing, business, and creativity. Be vigilant at work to manage sudden debts, disputes, fire, theft, legal or financial issues.  Take care of your money and marriage through Oct.
  • Leo: Ease off on decisions and leadership and get some extra rest. There may be setbacks with father/religious figures. Be vigilant with long-distance journeys. Expect a lift with your status, family life and independent projects. Teach, publish and advise – working from home. Be vigilant with partnerships through Oct.
  • Virgo:  Expect a lift with your status and family life. Get a haircut and buy new clothes. Focus on business, technology, communications and intellectual property. Be vigilant, however, with money and marriage and to avoid accidents.  Teach, publish and advise. Manage debts, disputes, legal and health issues through Oct.
  • Libra: Stay rested through Oct. 3rd. Consider a retreat, ashram, or long-distance venture. Be patient with expenses, insomnia, intimacy, separations, hospitals and institutions. Partnerships are subject to setbacks. Teach, publish, and advise.  Protect your children, education and investments through Oct.
  • Scorpio: Ease off on leadership. Be vigilant at work to manage debts, disputes, fire, theft or false allegation against you. Expect both gains and losses.  Income and friendships are vulnerable to expenses and separations. Your best bet it to teach, publish and advise. Protect property and home life through Oct.
  • Sagittarius: Expect a lift, income and friendships at work. Focus on writing, business, technology, and communications. Connect with women and the fine, healing and performing arts in the workplace. There may be setbacks with your children, education and investments. Be reclusive and patient through Oct.
  • Capricorn: Expect a lift and good fortune at work. Connect your career with women, writing, technology, communications, and/or the fine, healing or performing arts. Be patient, however, with setbacks and to avoid accidents with property, vehicles and home life. Take care of your status and family through Oct.
  • Aquarius:  Focus on partnerships, but be patient with setbacks with entrepreneurial ventures. Be vigilant with long-distance journeys and take care of father/religious figures, which are vulnerable to setbacks or accidents. Teach, publish and advise at work. Protect your health and reputation through Oct.
  • Pisces: Continue to lay low and to avoid stress. Relationships are vulnerable to setbacks or accidents. Be vigilant when speaking and be patient with your wealth, status and family life. Your best bet is to teach, publish and advise. Losses, expenses and separations remain likely through Oct.

Saturn/Ketu Conjunction: World Under Siege
Recent Headlines:

  • Death Toll in The Bahamas Rises
  • Dorian Batters the Coast of the Carolinas
  • Bahamas Faces ‘Unimaginable’ Fallout, Authorities Expect Death Totals to Soar
  • Hundreds and Possibly Thousands are Missing in the Bahamas
  • Hundreds Could Be Trapped on North Carolina Islands
  • Bahamas’ Death Toll Rises As 70,000 are Left Homeless
  • More Tropical Storms are Brewing on Both Sides of the US
  • Dorian Nears Canada with 100 Mph Winds
  • Grand Bahama is Dead: A Firsthand Look at Dorian’s Destruction
  • Hundreds Are Still Missing; Nearly 70,000 Have Been Left Homeless
  • UK Government to Suspend Parliament
  • Dump Fukushima Contaminated Water into Ocean, Says Japan’s Environment Minister
  • North Korea Fired Off A Couple of Unidentified Projectiles into The East Sea
  • 119 People Hoping to Evacuate Grand Bahama On A Ferry Were Told to Get Off
  • North Korea Says It Test-Fired A ‘Super Large Multiple Rocket Launcher’
  • 12 Tornadoes in US in 24 Hours

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