Planetary Transits for December 5 – December 11

Note: In the SAMVA horoscope for the United States*, Saturn (ruling the 8th house of delays, setbacks, obstructions, accidents, vulnerability, transformations, and deathlike experiences) has been afflicting Venus, (ruling the 4th house of property, fixed assets and the country’s domestic peace), since October 5th. Unfortunately, this influence continues through December and likely represents continued stress for the U.S.

Planetary Transits for November 21 – November 27

Notes:  In the SAMVA horoscope* for The United States of America for 2019, transit Saturn (ruling the 8th house of setbacks, accidents, obstructions and deathlike experiences) afflicts the 6th, 12th, and 2nd houses (representing enemies, disputes, litigation, foreign lands, wealth, status and family life) from June 15 until Dec.15th. Saturn also afflicts Venus (ruling the 4th house