Sun In Sagittarius

Sun transits Sagittarius from DECEMBER 16TH, 2019-JANUARY 15TH, 2020   According to Vedic Astrology and the Sidereal Zodiac (which is 23 degrees earlier than the Tropical Zodiac used by Western astrologers, from December 16th, 2019-January 15th, 2020 Sun will transit the sign of Sagittarius    Read below for more information regarding each rising sign. PLEASE

Planetary Transits for December 12 – December 18

Notes: In the SAMVA horoscope for the U.S.*, Transit Saturn, ruling the 8th house of setbacks, accidents and deathlike experiences, afflicts natal Venus (ruling the 4th house of assets, property and domestic peace) through Dec. Additionally, transit Sun, ruling the 2nd house of wealth, status and family life, is vulnerable to debts, disputes, health and legal issues through mid-Jan.