Sun Cycle Consultation


There are twelve different sections of the sky where the Sun could have been at the exact time, place and date of your birth. The placement of one’s Sun in their natal chart (the Sun sign) can give insight into a person’s soul; Who they are deep down inside without all the chatter of the world around them. It’s also important to look at the placement and strength of the Sun in one’s natal chart for information regarding areas of their lives such as health, career, and relationships. By transit, it takes the Sun thirty days to move from one sign to another and it takes one year for the Sun to move through all twelve signs back to where it was when you were born (your solar return). Ancient astrologers observed that whenever the Sun moved into a new sign it brought with it new energy. The transit of the Sun follows the same pattern every year and thus can be looked at to show which months will bring support and success in your life and which months you need to watch out for as there may be some conflicts, delays, losses or expenses. This pattern repeats itself every year so once you know it once, you know it for life!