Planetary Transits for November 3 – November 9

Note: Sun, ruling leaders and governments, is debilitated in Libra every year between mid-Oct. and mid-Nov. This accounts for the frequent turbulence during our national elections.Apple tree
This year Ketu also casts its ninth aspect on the Sun between Oct. 29 and Nov. 6, which indicates explosive issues (FBI Director’s letter to Congress, for example) during the nine days leading up to the election.
Additionally, Rahu is under the 10th aspect of Saturn until Nov. 8. This has been the source of the violence and unrest of the masses since May.
These afflictions expire on Election Day, which should be helpful.
The chart for USA, however, remains under stress until Dec. 1 — so relief may take some time.  (See the notes below regarding the chart for USA.)
Sun transits its debilitation sign, Libra, from 17:06 to 24:08°. Sun is under the close ninth aspect of Ketu, until Nov. 6, and is in its debilitation sign until Nov. 15th.  This is not ideal for leaders, physicians, administrators, governments, or political elections. There can be serious problems for those with heart or stomach issues.
Moon is waxing and transits Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.  Moon, in Sagittarius, is under the fifth aspect of Rahu on Nov. 4th.  Moon, in Aquarius, is conjunct Ketu on Nov. 9th (the day after the election). Watch your emotional state these two days and be careful to avoid volatile situations.
Mars transits its exaltation sign, Capricorn, from 01:30 to 06:36°.  Mars is weak in degrees until Nov. 7.  The military, police, athletes, executives, surgeons and firefighters should get extra rest. Be patient with property matters.
Mercury transits out of Libra and into Scorpio on Nov. 8 at 1:09 p.m. CST. Mercury is outside the orb of influence of other planets, but is weak in degrees Nov. 5 – 11. This is not severe, but not completely ideal for business, finance, communications and intellectual property.
LAST WEEK’S PREDICTION: “Expect major miscommunications with government matters.”  (FBI Director’s letter to Congress causes major disagreement between political parties on the content/intent of the letter.)
Jupiter transits Virgo, from 17:32 to 18:56°.  Jupiter is outside the orb of influence of other planets, but is co-dependent on the strength of its dispositor, the fast-moving and frequently weak Mercury, until Sept. 2017. Aries, Libra, and Aquarius rising sign persons should be careful and patient over the next 11 months — and wear a yellow sapphire gemstone, as Jupiter is transiting their 6th, 12th, and 8th (inauspicious) houses, respectively.
Venus transits out of Scorpio, and into Sagittarius, Nov. 7 at 12:29 a.m. CST. Venus is weak in degrees until Nov. 11. Take care of the women in your life and be patient with luxuries, the arts, entertainment and transportation.
Saturn transits Scorpio, from 20:31 to 21:16°. Saturn is outside the orb of influence of other planets, which should be helpful for the elderly, the poor and needy, and working class persons. Agriculture, manufacturing and the gas, oil, and minerals industries should do well.
Saturn remains in Scorpio through Jan. 25. This is challenging for Cancer, Virgo and Pisces rising sign persons, companies and countries (including USA) whenever Saturn is within 5° of their rising sign degree or any planet, by aspect or conjunction.
Rahu and Ketu transit Leo and Aquarius, respectively, from 16:30 to 16:08°.  Rahu and Ketu have moved out of their stationary positions, where they have been since August 1st.  This should be helpful to some extent worldwide. However, those persons, companies or countries with 15 – 17° rising signs or with any planet at 15 – 17° in odd signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius) should be careful and patient – and at all times.
Rahu is under the 10th aspect of Saturn until the time the polls close on Nov. 8, our national election day. This has been the source of the issues with the oil and gas industries, along with the violence and unrest of the masses and working-class persons since the beginning of May.
Transits for each “Rising sign” (not “Sun sign”): 
Aries:  Focus on the workplace. Make executive decisions and consider property matters. Take care of your children, education and investments; these remain vulnerable to sudden events and obstructions. Be patient for a few days with partnerships, which may be vulnerable debts, disputes, health issues and transformations. Relationships improve after Nov. 7.
Taurus:  Be patient for a few more days with setbacks or sudden events with property and vehicles.  Your partner and children may have another week of debts, disputes or health issues. Investments are vulnerable to conflicts. There may be a long distance journey of a short duration, or expenses and separations relative to religion and father figures.
Gemini:  Be patient and lay low for a few more days. There may be issues with debts, disputes or health and legal problems. Study writing, business, communications and entrepreneurial ventures — so you are prepared when it is time to take action. There may be some windfall, but expect less with income and friendships through mid-Dec.
Cancer: Focus on your children, education and investments. Work from home on independent writing, business and communications projects. Be patient with property and vehicles to manage setbacks and to avoid accidents at home or with transportation. Expect a lift at work and connect your career with partnerships and joint ventures through Dec. 10.
Leo: Stay rested while working on independent projects connected with writing, business, communications and intellectual property. Work out of your home and on your home. Spend a few more days beautifying your living quarters with art, music and luxuries. Take care of the father and religious figures in your life through Dec. 10.
Virgo: Focus on independent projects. There may be status with writing, business, communications and your self-initiatives. Be patient to manage losses, expenses, separations, insomnia and foreign ventures. There may be a windfall with your children, education and investments, but these are also vulnerable to setbacks or accidents through Dec. 10.
Libra: Expect a lot of energy around your wealth, status and family life. Be patient with income, friendships and older siblings; these are vulnerable to sudden events. Losses, expenses, separations or insomnia are also likely. Connect joint ventures with property matters. Those of you buying or selling property should have an opportunity through Dec. 10.
Scorpio: Be patient with losses, expenses, separations, and insomnia. Income, friendships, and older siblings are also vulnerable to the same issues. Expect less in the workplace, there may be losses and separations. Be vigilant to avoid debts and disputes with communications and your own initiatives and entrepreneurial ventures through Dec. 10.
Sagittarius: Lay low for a few days. Your career, income, friendships, siblings and independent projects are all connected with losses, expenses, separations, retreats or long distance ventures. Stay rested. The positive element is with your children, education, investments and property matters. These are associated with wealth, status, and family life.
Capricorn: Be vigilant to manage setbacks and to avoid accidents in the workplace. Connect work with writing, business, and communications. Expect gains and friendships with work and family life. Earn from women, medicine, luxuries, entertainment and the arts. Be courageous, make decisions, and focus on property matters through Dec. 10.
Aquarius: Expect good fortune with your career. Beautify your workspace and connect with women and the arts. Relationships remain subject to setbacks and obstructions.  Be patient with father and religious figures, as these are vulnerable. There may be expenses and separations or international ventures with entrepreneurial projects through Dec. 10.
Pisces: Be vigilant to manage debts, disputes and health or legal issues. These are vulnerable to some extent through mid-Nov. Your partner may go through transformations; expect improvement with relationships next week. Expect gains with your wealth, status and family life, and income from property and your organizing skills through Dec. 10
The following planetary transits are applicable to the “Systems’ Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology (SAMVA)” chart for USA, which is based on the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (February 2, 1781, 5:00 p.m., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):
On November 8th, the day of our national election, Jupiter, ruling the sixth house of disputes and litigation will be afflicting the third house of communications, the seventh house of relationships, the ninth house of religion, and the eleventh house of income and friendships. This will also undermine the strength of transit Mars and Jupiter and natal Sun, Moon, and Mercury.
Additionally, transit Saturn, ruling the eighth house of setbacks, accidents, obstructions, disappointments, vulnerability, and deathlike experiences, will be afflicting the fifth house of children and investments; the seventh house of relationships and foreign affairs; the eleventh house of income and friendships; and the second house of wealth, status and family life. This will also undermine the planetary strength of transit Mars and natal Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Finally, transit Rahu will be afflicting natal Rahu and transit Ketu will be afflicting natal Ketu.
Taken together, these planetary transits appear to be stressful and do not look good for the country as a whole.
Relief may come between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15, when these transits are no longer applicable.
Note:  Planetary remedies add protective covering to one’s life: strengthen your functional benefic planets (with color and gemstone therapy and/or the mystical pendant known as the kavach: and do charitable services and spiritual chants for the planets causing adverse effects.
About the Author: David Hawthorne
Photo Credit: Billy Wilson “Apple Tree”