Planetary Transits for November 16 – November 22

The first part of this newsletter describes the position of the (Vedic astrology) planets this week.
The second part describes the impact of the transit planets for each rising sign.
Note:  Transit Jupiter is now strong in Libra. Jupiter represents law, religion, morality and education. Libra is ruled by Venus, which represents women, sexuality, and the scales of justice. This combination supports the truth that is surfacing regarding the sexual harassment of women. This slow-moving 13-month transit of Jupiter in Libra provides a long-lived transformation.
Sun transits out of its debilitation sign, Libra, and into Scorpio on Nov. 16 at 12:52 a.m. CST.  Sun is weak until Nov. 20th.  Leaders, physicians, administrators, governments should get extra rest.
Moon is waning/waxing and transits Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The new Moon is in Scorpio, Nov. 18th.  Moon is debilitated in Scorpio,Nov. 18 – 20. Be vigilant with your emotional state and around other people.
Mars transits Virgo, from 21:20 to 25:45°. Mars is under the 9th aspect of Ketu until Nov. 27th. This generally represents war, fires, violence, volcanoes, earthquakes and explosions. The military, police, surgeons, athletes, executives and firefighters are vulnerable.
Mercury transits Scorpio, from 20:27 to 28:52°.  Mercury is under the 5th aspect of Rahu until Nov. 23rd. Be vigilant with stocks, business, technology, and communications. Generally, this represents massive fluctuations. Back up your computer and safeguard against health and computer viruses.
Jupiter transits Libra from 13:51 to 15:21°and is in good strength. This supports law and morality (ruled by Jupiter), and women and justice (ruled by Venus). Note the truth that has surfaced regarding sexual harassment of women.  We can also expect progress with the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Jupiter remains in Libra until October 11, 2018. Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces rising signs should be careful and patient as Jupiter is transiting their 6th, 8th, and 12th (inauspicious) houses, respectively, which undermines the strength of Jupiter.
Venus transits its own sign, Libra, from 16:53 to 25:40°. This should be good for women, romance, luxuries, medicine, entertainment and the fine, healing and performing arts.  Note the current 13-month transit of Jupiter through Libra, ruled by Venus, is bringing law, truth and justice to the issue of sexual harassment of women.
Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 02:01 to 02:47°. Saturn is weak in degrees until Dec. 12th.  Saturn now remain in Sagittarius until Jan. 2020. Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies and countries (including USA) should be careful and patient as Saturn is transiting their 8th, 6th, and 12th (inauspicious) houses, respectively.
Rahu and Ketu transit Cancer and Capricorn, from 25:16 to 23:55°.  Those persons with 23 to 25° rising sign degrees or with any planet in the 23 to 25°range in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces (including the USA) should be careful and patient.
Transit Planet Effects for Each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun sign”): 
Aries: Be vigilant. The influence of Ketu on Mars, ruling your chart, brings serious karmic issues. Focus on your spiritual path. Manage debts, disputes and health issues as well. Expect good fortune in relationships. Take care of your mind, children and investments; these are vulnerable through mid-Dec.
Taurus: Be patient with expenses, insomnia and separations. Focus on marriage, partnerships and joint ventures and connect with large organizations. Take care of your mind, children and investments. Tension remains likely with money and marriage. Connect your career with knowledge through Jan. 2020.
Gemini: Be patient with sudden setbacks with income and friendships. Property, vehicles and home life are also vulnerable. Be vigilant with health, communications, authority figures, and independent projects through mid-Dec. Invest in marriage, partnerships, and joint or long-distance ventures through Sept. 2018.
Cancer: Be vigilant in the workplace and with relationships to manage sudden setbacks. Communications and independent projects are also vulnerable. Focus on your children, education and investments. Take care of property, vehicles and home life through Sept. 2018, and your health, money and marriage through Jan. 2020.
Leo: Be patient with setbacks. There may also be issues with your status, communications and family life. Focus on property, vehicles and home life through mid-Dec. Teach, publish and advise through Sept. 2018. Connect partnerships and long-distance ventures with children, investments and entrepreneurial activities.
Virgo: Be vigilant with money and marriage and to avoid accidents. Expect a wave of ambition, but do not overdo it. Sudden personal issues are likely, but short-lived. Teach, publish and advise through Sept. 2018. Be vigilant with property debts, disputes and legal/insurance matters through Jan. 2020.
Libra: Be vigilant with partnerships and joint ventures; these are vulnerable to setbacks. Expenses, insomnia and separations are also likely. Your status and family life should do well through mid-Dec. Teach, publish and advise through Sept. 2018. Focus on independent projects and investments through Jan. 2020.
Scorpio: Be vigilant to manage setbacks with debts, disputes, legal and health issues. Income, friendships, and older siblings are also vulnerable. Focus on your career through mid-Dec. Protect your status, property and home life, and consider relocation or long-distance ventures through Sept. 2018.
Sagittarius: Avoid mental stress and protect your children, education and investments.  Be vigilant at work to manage expenses, and separations and to avoid accidents. Enjoy women, income, and friendships. Teach, publish and advise through Sept. 2018. Focus on entrepreneurial ventures for the next 2 years.
Capricorn: Be vigilant with property, vehicles and home life, which are vulnerable to setbacks and obstructions. Be careful with communications and long-distance journeys. Income and friendships are vulnerable through mid-Dec. There may be work-related expenses, separations, relocation or long-distance venture through Sept. 2018.
Aquarius: Take care of communications, independent projects and younger siblings; these are vulnerable to setbacks. Be vigilant at work to manage obstructions and to avoid accidents. Income and friendships do well through Sept. 2018. Gain from hard work, agriculture, manufacturing, and oil, gas and minerals through Jan. 2020.
Pisces: Be patient with setbacks with your wealth, status or family life. Relationships are also vulnerable to sudden issues. Connect work with knowledge through Sept. 2018. Career-related expenses, separations, relocation or long-distance ventures are likely through Jan. 2020. Donate to the poor and elderly, monthly on Saturdays.
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About the Author: David Hawthorne