Planetary Transits for March 22 – March 28

Notes: Sun is under the 4th aspect of Mars until April 3rd. This connects the government with police and military activities. Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient. Mercury is under the 9th aspect of Rahu until April 6th. Be vigilant with stocks, business, communications, health and computer viruses, and intellectual property.

  • Sun transits Pisces, from 07:24 to 14:20°.  Sun is under the 4th aspect of Mars until April 3rd.  This connects governments with police and military activities. Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio rising sign persons, companies and countries should be careful and patient.
  • Moon is waxing and transits Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.
  • Mars transits Sagittarius, from 08:27 to 12:23°.   Mars is outside the orb of influence of other planets — but is weak on account of the weakness of its landlord, Jupiter. Be careful with property matters. The military, police, athletes, firefighters, and executives should get extra rest.
  • Mercury transits its debilitation sign, Pisces, from 22:45 to 20:32°. Mercury is under the 9th aspect of Rahu until April 6th. Be vigilant with stocks, business, communications and intellectual property, along with health and computer viruses. Mercury is retrograde March 22nd – April 15. This may be an issue primarily for Aries, Libra and Aquarius rising sign persons – but only when Mercury is within 5 degrees of their rising sign degree in any house, or within 5 degrees of any planet in the natal or transit chart by aspect or conjunction.
  • Jupiter transits Libra, from 28:50 to 28:29°. Jupiter is weak in degrees until May 3rd.  This may cause delays or setbacks with law, banking, religion, and education.  Jupiter is retrograde until July 10th.
  • Jupiter represents law, religion, morality and education. Libra is ruled by Venus, representing women, sexuality, and the scales of justice. This combination supports the revelations regarding the sexual harassment of women, (including the allegations against President Trump). This slow-moving transit of Jupiter in Libra (Sept. 2017–Oct. 2018) provides a long-lived transformation.
  • Venus transits out of its exaltation sign, Pisces and into Aries, March 26th at 5:17 a.m. CDT. Venus is weak in degrees until March 30th. Take care of the women in your life and be careful with luxuries, weather, transportation and entertainment.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 14:27 to 14:43°. Saturn is outside the orb of influence of other planets — but is weak due to the weakness of its landlord, Jupiter, until May 3rd. This may cause issues with working-class persons, the elderly, and immigration – as well as for agriculture, manufacturing, and the oil, gas, and minerals industries.
  • Saturn remains in Sagittarius until Jan. 2020. Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies and countries (including USA) should be careful and patient as Saturn is transiting their 8th, 6th, and 12th (inauspicious) houses, respectively.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Cancer and Capricorn, respectively, from 19:40 to 19:33°.  Those persons with 18 to 21° rising signs or with any planet(s) in the 18 to 21°range in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces — including the USA) should be careful and patient.

The Impact of the Transit Planets for each “Rising Sign”:

  • Aries:  Focus on father and religious figures. Consider travel or a spiritual pilgrimage before May. Recent issues with relationships dissipate, but be patient with expenses and separations with partnerships, joint ventures, children, and investments. Manage debts, disputes, health and legal matters through April 5th.
  • Taurus: Gain from property, vehicles, fixed assets and home life, as well as from women, large organizations, communications and the creative arts. Your children, education and investments may be subject to debts, disputes or health issues through April 5th. Be patient with insomnia, expenses and separations through April.
  • Gemini: Focus on leadership and independent projects. Redecorate your workspace and connect with women, luxuries, and entertainment. Recent issues with your children and investments dissipate. Take care of property and vehicles through April 5th. Gain from relationships through April.
  • Cancer:  Expect a lift with your status and good fortune with father and authority figures through mid-April. Enjoy property, vehicles, and home life. Be vigilant with independent projects through April 5th. Be careful at work to avoid debts, disputes, fires and accidents, etc. through April.
  • Leo: Continue to be patient with independent projects and entrepreneurial ventures. These improve next week. Take care of your status and home life – and be careful before speaking and with what you eat through April 5th. Focus on research and knowledge – but get extra rest through mid-April.
  • Virgo:  Expect a lift with your status and family life. Focus on marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and life abroad through April, but be patient with losses, expenses and separations with same. Consider property matters, but safeguard against accidents at home or with transportation through April.
  • Libra: Focus on rest and your health, finances and legal matters. Avoid conflicts. Income, friendships and older siblings are also subject to debts, disputes and health issues. Be patient with expenses, separations and life abroad. Entrepreneurial joint ventures do well through April.
  • Scorpio: Connect work with children, education, investments and creative projects, but be patient with expenses or separations. Recent issues with income, friendships and older siblings dissipate.  Be vigilant with what you eat and what you say to avoid debts, disputes and health issues through April.
  • Sagittarius: Be careful with work and communications through April 6th. Enjoy property, vehicles and home life through mid-April. Children, education, investments and independent projects are forefront through April. Work out of your home on writing, business, and communications through May 8th.
  • Capricorn: Connect independent projects with research, communications and the creative arts — but be patient with setbacks through mid-April. Take care of father and religious figures through April 5th. Expect expenses, separations, or travel with property, vehicles and home life before May.
  • Aquarius: Be vigilant to manage setbacks and to be careful to avoid accidents through April 5th. Expect a lift with marriage, partnerships and joint ventures through mid-April. Speak up as an authority figure. Focus on income, property, friendships and entrepreneurial ventures through April.
  • Pisces: Focus on your executive skills and property matters at work. Expect a lift, but be patient with setbacks, expenses and separations. Health, finances, conflicts and legal matters may be forefront through mid-April. Be vigilant with relationships and tell your partner to be careful through April 6th.

About the Author: David Hawthorne