Planetary Transits for June 8 – June 14

Planetary Transits for June 8 – June 14

The first part of this newsletter describes the position of the (Vedic astrology) planets this week.
The second part describes the impact of the transit planets for each rising sign.
Last week’s prediction: “These (afflictions to Mars and Venus) are not positive influences and indicate issues relative to war, fire, military, explosions, transportation, weather, etc…” (London Bridge Attack; Kabul Afghanistan Bombing; Attackers Bomb Iran Parliament; Myanmar Army Plane with 105 Missing; Gunman Torches Philippine Casino; Severe Storms in North Carolina, Kentucky and the Southeast, et al.) Expect relief this week.
Sun transits out of Taurus, June 14 at 6:03 p.m. CDT.  Sun is weak in degrees until June 9th. Leaders, physicians, administrators, and governments should get extra rest.
Moon is waxing/waning and transits Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and into Aquarius.
Mars transits Gemini from 08:14 to 12:52°.  Mars is outside the orb of influence of other planets, which should be helpful for the military, police, athletes, surgeons, real estate, etc.
Mercury transits Taurus, from 08:17 to 22:24°. This should be good for stocks, business, technology, communications, and intellectual property. Mercury is under the 9th aspect of Jupiter, June 11 – 15.  Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn rising sign persons, companies, and countries (including USA) should be careful and patient during these 5 days, as Jupiter rules their 8th, 6th, and 12th (inauspicious) houses.
Jupiter transits Virgo, from 19:07 to 19:09°.  Jupiter completes its 4-month retrograde motion onJune 9th and is outside the orb of influence of other planets.  Jupiter is co-dependent on the strength of its dispositor (landlord), the fast-moving and frequently weak Mercury, until Sept. 12. Aries, Libra, and Aquarius rising sign persons should continue to be careful and patient as Jupiter is transiting their 6th, 12th, and 8th (inauspicious) houses, respectively.
Venus transits Aries, from 07:46 to 14:49°. Venus is outside the orb of influence of other planets. This should be helpful for women, luxuries, romance, entertainment, medicine, and transportation.
Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 00:56 to 00:25°. Saturn is in retrograde motion until Aug. 25th. The adverse effects are primarily for Cancer, Virgo and Pisces rising signs – but only when Saturn is within 5 degrees of the person’s rising sign degree, or another planet by conjunction or aspect.
Saturn is under the 5th aspect of Rahu until Nov. 6 and is weak in degrees until Dec. 12th.  This is not helpful for the elderly, the poor and needy, and working-class persons.  Expect issues relative to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as for immigration, agriculture, manufacturing, the environment, (Trump Announces U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord) and the oil, gas and minerals industries.
In the SAMVA chart/horoscope* for USA, this Saturn transit causes serious issues relative to debts, setbacks, accidents, health and legal issues and even deathlike experiences – through October. Be vigilant and avoid stressful people and situations.
Rahu and Ketu transit Leo and Aquarius, respectively, from 02:45 to 01:55°.  Those persons, companies or countries with 0 – 3° rising signs or with any planet at 0 – 3° in odd signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius) should be careful and patient.
Note:  In the SAMVA* chart for USA, the transit of the 6th house ruler, Jupiter, afflicts the 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses, which causes fire, theft, debts, disputes, enemies and litigation for the entire country through July. (Note all the legal proceedings in the U.S. Government.)
*Systems’ Approach to Mundane Astrology.
Transit Planet Effects for Each “Rising Sign” (not “Sun sign”): 
Please read for your rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign please email me at
Aries: Recent personal setbacks and issues with relationships dissipate. Focus on communications, independent projects and entrepreneurial ventures. Expect status with your children and investments. Speak up as an authority figure, but be careful to avoid conflict.  Be patient with income and friendships through mid-Sept.
Taurus: Recent setbacks with expenses, separations and long-distance ventures dissipate. Expect some relief with your health, finances, and legal issues, but continue to manage these through June. Focus on leadership, property, vehicles and home life. Your children, education and investments are forefront. Be patient with your career through June 20.
Gemini: Recent issues with income and friendships dissipate. Expect relief with (and gains from) your children, education and investments. Be patient with expenses and separations connected with authority figures. Expect improvement with property, vehicles and home life after June 18. Focus on joint ventures through mid-Sept.
Cancer: Recent setbacks in the workplace dissipate, but be patient with expenses and separations at work through July 11. Beautify your workspace and connect with women and the arts at work, and consider that new company car. Be careful with communications and independent projects through mid-Sept.
Leo: Recent issues with father figures, communications, younger siblings and your own initiatives dissipate. Focus on leadership in the workplace and connect with large, spiritual, medical or government organizations. Connect your career with writing, business and intellectual property. Your children, education and investments should do well.
Virgo: Recent issues with money and marriage dissipate, but be careful with women, family life, and what you say through June. Make executive decisions and consider property matters in the workplace – but be patient with setbacks and be careful to avoid accidents at work. Teach, publish and advise through mid-Sept.
Libra: Recent personal and relationship issues dissipate. Focus on marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and international ventures. Income and friendships improve next week. Be patient with intimacy and insomnia. Entrepreneurial losses, expenses and separations are likely through mid-Sept.
Scorpio: Connect your career with marriage, partnerships and joint ventures, and expect income and friendships connected with these. Recent setbacks with health, finances, and legal issues dissipate, but remain vulnerable to some extent through July 10. Teach, publish and advise through mid-Sept.
Sagittarius: Recent setbacks with your children, education and investments dissipate. Income and friendships should also improve. Study the fine, healing or performing arts. Your partner may be direct and courageous and focused on property matters.  Be careful to manage debts and disputes in the workplace through June 17.
Capricorn: Recent issues in the workplace dissipate. Work out of your home and on your home. Redecorate and entertain. Manage debts, disputes and insurance policies with property, vehicles and family life. Be patient with setbacks with your children, education and investments. Focus on writing, business, technology and communications.
Aquarius: Focus on income and friendships. Recent setbacks with property, independent projects and father figures dissipate. Be careful at home and with transportation to avoid accidents. Your mind is sharp, logical and courageous. Consider real estate through July 10. Income and friendships remain vulnerable through Sept. 11.
Pisces: Recent issues with your wealth, status, speech and family life dissipate, but continue to manage setbacks. Exercise patience with communications and entrepreneurial ventures to manage debts and disputes. There may be work-related expenses and separations. Connect your career with partnerships and joint ventures through mid-Sept.
Planetary remedies add protective covering to one’s life: strengthen your functional benefic planets (with color and gemstone therapy and/or the mystical pendant known as the kavach: ( and do “Bhoota and Deva Yagyas” (charities and chants) for the planets causing adverse effects.
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