Planetary Transits for December 10– December 16

Note on the horoscope for Donald Trump:

Over the next 7 days, Sun, (ruling Donald Trump’s chart), will transit his natal Ketu (the southern node of the Moon) and his “most malefic planet”, which is the 12th house ruler, Moon, while under the close aspect of his natal Rahu (the northern node of the Moon).
In essence, this represents an eclipse, so he may encounter challenges and unexpected serious events in his life.
Additionally, transit Ketu, operating out of his 8th house of delays, setbacks, obstructions, accidents, and even deathlike experiences, is currently afflicting his natal Venus and Saturn, which are in his 12th house of losses, expenses, separations, hospitals and foreign lands.
Venus rules his wife and his 3rd house of communications and self-initiatives, and Saturn rules his 7th house of marriage, partnerships, joint ventures, relationships and foreign lands and foreign ventures.
This transit is not ideal for his self-efforts, relationships and international favor.  The impact of this transit is all the way through late January.
Moreover, the permanent afflictions to the ruler of his horoscope, Sun, make him vulnerable to sudden and serious heart and health issues, (sooner or later).
Donald Trump’s birth data:  June 14, 1946, 10:54 a.m., Jamaica, NY.
This gives the Leo rising sign, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio — which is the debilitation sign of Moon.
Sun transits out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, Dec. 16 at 3:12 a.m. CST. Sun is outside of the orb of influence of other planets, but is weak in degrees until Dec. 21.  Leaders, physicians, administrators, and governments should get extra rest.
Moon is waxing and transits Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and into Aquarius. The new Moon is in Scorpio Dec. 10.
Mars transits Virgo, from 22:06 to 26:08°. Mars is outside of the orb of influence of other planets, but is co-dependent on the strength of its fast-moving dispositor (landlord) Mercury, until Dec. 24.
Mercury transits Sagittarius, from 06:08 to 16:47°.  Mercury is outside the orb of influence of other planets, but is co-dependent on the strength of its dispositor (landlord) Jupiter, which is weak in old age degrees. Be patient with stocks, business, computers, viruses, communications and intellectual property.
Jupiter transits Leo, from 27:51 to 28:23°. Jupiter is weak in degrees until March 2016. There can be issues with law, religion, banking and education.  Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius rising sign persons CAN wear a yellow sapphire gemstone. Virgo and Pisces rising sign person SHOULD wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.
Venus transits its mooltrikona sign, Libra, from 11:53 to 20:12°.  Venus is outside the orb of influence of other planets and is not co-dependent on any other planet. This should be excellent for romance, travel, the arts, and luxuries. Look for a breakthrough in law, medicine, finance, entertainment or transportation.
Saturn transits Scorpio, from 14:35 to 15:24°.  Saturn is in good strength, which should be good for the gas, oil and minerals industries, along with manufacturing, agriculture, the elderly, and the poor and needy.
Rahu and Ketu transit Virgo and Pisces, respectively, from 03:25 to 02:17°. Those persons, companies and countries with 2 to 4° rising signs or with any planet at 2 to 3° in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) should be careful and patient.
Transits for each “Rising sign” (not “Sun sign”):
Aries: Focus on your health, finances and legal issues and be vigilant to avoid conflict through Dec. 23. Your spouse, partner, relationships, joint ventures, and living abroad should be positive through Dec. 24. Your children, education and investments remain vulnerable through mid-Dec.  Be patient with income and friendships through Jan. 2017.
Taurus: Focus on marriage, partnerships, joint ventures or life abroad. These should do well for another week. Same applies to your parents, property, vehicles and home life. Health, finances and legal issues should be fine through Dec. 24. Take care of your children, education and investments, which are vulnerable to setbacks through Dec. 25.
Gemini: Continue to be vigilant with your health, stress, finance, communications and independent projects through mid-Dec.  Connect your parents, property, vehicles and home life with marriage, partnerships and joint ventures. Focus on creativity, and on your children, education, investments and entertainment. These do well through Dec. 24.
Cancer: Connect your career with independent projects and take action. Enjoy a few more days of status with your children, education and investments. Self-initiatives, communications and independent projects are subject to debts and disputes through Dec. 25. Redecorate your living quarters, and include art, music, and flowers. Consider a new car.
Leo:  Focus on your parents, property, vehicles and home life through mid-Dec. There may be status through your children, education and investments. Expect success with communications and your own initiatives. There may be good fortune with your wealth and family life. Consider property, vehicle and fixed assets partnerships through Jan. 2017.
Virgo: Focus on your parents, property, vehicles and home life. Work out of your home on writing, business, and communications. Expect progress with your wealth, status and family life through Dec. 24. On a personal level, be vigilant to avoid accidents and be patient with setbacks through Dec. 23. Get organized and make executive decisions.
Libra: Continue to shine!  Get a haircut, buy new clothes, and consider that day spa. Focus on creativity, luxuries and the fine, healing or performing arts. Work on independent projects with business and communications, but do not put money into these. Expect gains with status and family life, connected with your children, education, and investments.
Scorpio: Focus on your career and leadership. There is a chance for a promotion or recognition for your efforts. There may be gains with your status and family life. Focus on writing, business and communications through Dec. 24. Long distance ventures do well. Income and friendships are subject to debts, disputes or health issues through Dec. 23.
Sagittarius: Focus on your career and on writing, business, brokering and communications. Consider business property and make executive decisions.  Be patient with authority figures through Dec. 15. Income and friendships should do well. Gain from women, creativity, luxuries, and the fine, healing or performing arts. There may even be a new car.
Capricorn: Focus on your career. Redecorate your workspace and consider that new company car. Connect creativity, luxuries, and the fine, healing, or performing with your professional life. Be patient with expenses with property, vehicles, fixed assets and home life through Dec. 24.  There may be short-lived setbacks with income and friendships.
Aquarius: Connect your career with marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and international projects. There may be a windfall or inheritance, but be patient with income and friendships. Gain from writing, business, brokering and communications. Work on independent projects connected with research and ancient knowledge through Dec. 23.
Pisces: Connect marriage, partnerships, joint ventures and foreign lands with your career, but be vigilant to avoid debts and disputes with these.  Your partner may also have debts, disputes or health issues. Focus on writing, business, brokering and communications in the workplace. Health and finances should be fine. There may be a windfall.