Mars transits Pisces

Mars is transiting the sign of Pisces from October 3rd, 2020 – December 23rd, 2020    Aries:   Focus on foreign lands, ashrams, spiritual journeys, sleep, intimacy, and pleasures of the bed. Watch out for losses, expenses, and separations relative to your name, fame, reputation, appearance, health, and enterprises. Your head, energy level, and muscular

Planetary Transits for October 1 – October 7

Notes:  In the horoscope for the USA, transit 6th house ruler, Jupiter, remains closely conjunct the 4th house ruler, Venus. This indicates debts, disputes, mental tension, health and legal issues, and civil unrest — relative to property, the weather, and domestic peace through the national election, (especially August 15 – October 15) when they are closest together. (Covid-19,