New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon will take place January 9th, 2016 at 9:29 p.m (CT) in the sign of Sagittarius

"Energy" by Eddi van W.
“Energy” by Eddi van W.

Feeling like you’re about to burst at the seams with excitement? This new Moon will kick up the expansive feelings and positive attitude, helping you tap into the energy to complete some kick ass goals you’ve had dancing about your head! Harness this newfound inspiration to complete projects, start learning a new craft, or to take that trip you’ve been longing for. Now is the time to focus on your desires. 
If you find you’re spending time twiddling your thumbs instead of frollicking in the fields of Ireland consider doing some charitable or humanitarian work on your “stay-cation.”
Watch our for the desire to argue or be too honest with others during this time. Instead, spend some time reflecting on what you’d like to devote more of your time to this year and try marking down some goals for yourself on a calendar.  Consider even writing or doodling in the journal you have stuffed in that “junk” drawer in your kitchen.
Don’t forget to play a little! Get your booty on the floor and try some hip opening yoga poses. Feel the expansion and let it fill you up!