Tailored consultations that will help grow your family and plan for a healthy future together. These packages were created for those who want to conceive using techniques from the Vedas that will help support your journey to parenthood. 

Various Astrological & Ayurvedic Techniques We Use

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Coast To Coast Conception

I’m Wendy Kawasaki

I’m a registered nurse and Ayurvedic practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. I practice a unique blend of Eastern and Western medicine, while integrating spiritual ‘medicine’ in very appropriate doses. This is my professional practice as well as my personal practice.

I am grateful for my role in supporting new life entering this world!

I’m Sara Hawthorne

I’m a Systems’ Approach Vedic Astrologer, Consultant, and Educator based in Sarasota, Florida. I specialize in helping people with career, relationship, and health advice using the stars as our guiding light.

Fix your chart. Fix your life. That's my philosophy!

Packages We Offer

Bronze - $2000

  • Natal Reading
  • Transit Reading
  • Partner Reading 
  • Auspicious Timing
  • Special Power Kavach
  • Graha Shanti For 3 Months
  • Health Consultation
  • Follow-Up Plus Healing Breath
  • Energy Healing

Silver - $3000

  • Natal Reading
  • Transit Reading
  • Partner Reading 
  • Auspicious Timing
  • Special Power Kavach
  • Graha Shanti For 6 Months
  • Health Consultation
  • Follow-Up Plus Healing Breath
  • 30 Minute Follow-Up
  • 3 Energy Healing Sessions

Gold - $4000

  • Natal Reading
  • Transit Reading
  • Partner Reading 
  • Auspicious Timing
  • Special Power Kavach
  • Graha Shanti For 9 Months
  • Health Consultation
  • Follow-Up Plus Healing Breath
  • Two 30 Minute Follow-Ups
  • 4 Energy Healing Sessions

Ala Carte Options

  • $190 Natal Reading
  • $250 Auspicious Window For IVF Implantation 
  • $395 Lakshmi/Ganesha Kavach 
  • $375 Special Power Kavach 
  • $275 Regular Kavach 
  • $151 One Month of Graha Shanti Service 
  • $165 One month of Yagya Service 
  • $300 One Month of Graha Shanti & Yagya Service
  • $190 Reading for Partner
  • $150 Newborn Reading
  • $270 Ayurvedic Health Consultation
  • $270 Follow Up Health Consultation Plus Healing Breath
  • $225 Energy Healing Session
  • $90 30 Minute Health Follow-Up
  • Shirodhara – Ask for Pricing
  • Reiki Attunement – Ask for Pricing
  • Spiritual Counseling Session – Ask for Pricing
  • Donation based Meditation Instruction

What Our Clients Are Saying About Dharmic Baby

“I remember feeling so lost month after month when we would learn that we were not yet pregnant. When I first spoke with Wendy she made me feel at ease. After two months of following specific guidelines, we were pregnant! We now have a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Wendy.”
"Sara has amazing insight. I felt like she not only read my whole life, but also gave me tools to specifically help my situation. I've sent friends and family to her for consultations and they loved her readings too. It's comforting to know what's going on in my stars!"
“Wendy helped me to balance my diet, hormones, release toxins I was holding in my liver and get the rest I finally needed as a mom of 3 in my forties. Wendy’s energy is so bright and profound. Her knowledge and guidance has been a true gift to my health on every level.”
"Sara is an amazing and insightful jyotishi. She gave me a very full and thorough interpretation of my chart, unlike like any other jyotishi previously. When I read my chart for the first time with Sara, it was a time of great self-discovery for me and I felt affirmed in my life path. Each time I have referred back to this reading, I am reassured and re-grounded in who I am. In addition to being more than satisfied with my initial reading, Sara has continued to provide me with support and guidance through the years."
“I had lots of trouble getting pregnant. I saw a plethora of doctors, I took all kinds of fertility medication, and even tried acupuncture, with no success. That is when I started working with Wendy. I was finally able to conceive and today I have two healthy boys.”
"Sara's readings were absolutely spot on to my life. I wasn't a big believer in astrology before I had my first reading but my life reading gave me so much insight into where I had been and where I was going that I absolutely can't deny it's power. Sara's readings helped to unlock a burning purpose I held deep inside and gave me the words to bring it into my reality. Sara is so passionate about what she does and her guidance is so powerful, I highly recommend working with her."

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